Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ethiopian full scale crises(total chokehold of the nation) were developed by separatists led by Eritrean Tedros Adhanom GhebreJesus who works at United Nations and his mentor Eritrean DICTATOR Isaias Afwerki - both nothing more than CIA tools used to choke entire Ethiopia 120 million people via coastline which consists of no more than 3 million people

 China should step in action and bridge Eritrea somehow. United Nations should finally serve its purpose and condemn its Eritrean separatist CIA agent Tedros Adhanom GhebreJesus. It doesn't work like this. Its a shame about what goes on with United Nations these days. https://news.yahoo.com/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-un-says-114421049.html

Attempt to re-enslave African continent is more than real.

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