Wednesday, November 4, 2020

In respect to Macedonian terror attack in Vienna only that Sebastian Kurz wasn't only involved in my own MK Ultra case but also was one of the worst people involved against me when it came to physical and mental torture


What is that can't be done to individual within 9 months which one spent under his personal mentorship !!???? No one has proof about mentors' sole deradicalisation program involvement in individual's life - Sebastian Kurz is expert in brainwash and was involved in my case alone for no less than 20 years. He commenced his criminal career via Berlin as a young student/schoolboy - they train young kids as young as 7/8 years old to understand what MK Ultra is.

No one I met was more radical and dangerous of young people than Sebastian Kurz for whom we all know is a neonazi bigot. For all those Germans that somehow have problem understating my attitude - here is also(next to your protecting Merkel) why. You take no responsibility whatsoever to protect human dignity other than of your people and even with those you have problem/ issues.

The terrorist 100% can be seen on photo right here and this regardless if involved in individual's case - its enough he was/is involved against me in my case. Enough to arrest him rather than to desperately use him with idea to provoke unconscious(self incrementing lets say impulsive reaction) reaction from me to use one against me as a victim. You as a people traditionally harbored and continue to harbor crime/genocide and this tells all. 

@Austria/Germany - your crime far excessed borders of provocatorship(this time see bellow) with you heard/saw know nothing attitude toward my case.

 You deprived me of 26 years of life. My life what means you practically killed me. Sebastian Kurz's specialty is sadistic stabbing with needles under MK Ultra next to most severe psychological abuse. He loved to push needles into my body what makes me wonder about a lots of things. 

@United States of America who had me also in Guantanamo - I don't remember being captured in Afghanistan or Iraq for you to place me in hands of individuals like this. Allow them such sport upon extraordinary hijackings/renditions from US which you have had engaged. I don't remember being charged IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WITH A SINGLE ONE CRIME EVER IN USA OR ANYWHERE IN EUROPE-WORLD(Slovenia fabricated totally false political accusation without existing proofs whatsoever against me as per my attempting to exterminate Slovenian nation which was used to get me inside of mental asylum in 2012, but that was it) !!!

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