Sunday, November 15, 2020

At Buckingham palace's The Telegraph - warmongering media machine

#1 fact - Jesus didn't look like Hitler, nor did he looked like Donald Trump or Charles Manson. 

At Armenistan:
#1 fact - Please ensure that your mass exoduses which lived on mentioned land for 20 years, burn their own housing only - not whatever they have stolen from previous original Azerbaijani people who they had to run for their lives out of their homes. 

#2 fact - People with clear/clean conscious have no reason to run from anyone because they haven't done anything to anyone and have therefore nothing to fear

#3 fact - You should have thought about today when you decided(20+ years ago) to expand your territory via killings of innocent civilians on Azerbajani side via terrorism as seen bellow  - children/women/ elderly were on your number one list as good to go via mortars.

#4 fact - Not everything is lost - Your Hollywood Queen after selling her mansion for 16 million USD, already has a new one and so am certain you can come to her after giving her so many likes on Instagram and Facebook. Its just that Virtual world is worth more to you that what you are about to leave behind. Welcome....she also has a new fashion am sure you noted - military shoes for winter etc...good luck. Who needs house when one can be Facebook/Instragram account owner after all.
Is this same priest as is in article !!???? He dates back to September 28. Really good luck with it. He posed late for lies as evident from photo bellow.

July 14th of 2020 - not September 28th...

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