Tuesday, November 3, 2020

MINDLESS TERRORIST ATTACK IN FRANCE/AUSTRIA: Our problem is a Christian radicalism also known from the past as NEONAZISM or FASCISM - not Islam

Brief answer to Kurz/Macron for whom we all know who they are. This time, one started via domestic terrorism and Armenia(Russian Putin and his Armenian deputy Lavrov count on this crusade) and literately on our women - denial of the basic human right to abortion. 

In 2000 already, Berlin explained me that continent of million lakes(Africa) will never ever be allowed to exist via native population(Buckingham palace already had complete plan on how to proper itself via creation seen above - will start wars just prior to completion of seen above) and so it was with attack which first commenced on Libya. The one who burned Muslim homelands is the same one as the one who lured them into Europe and granted(incited them) them the right to behave different from us and the same one who denied them the right to get involved in social life equally as to other members of society in hope to awake Christian radicalism - neonazism which claimed 70+ million lives just 75 years ago(what is to Muslim the right to enforce Sharia on our streets as case was in UK without the right to work - not much I would say)...

This isn't war on Muslim religion only - its also crusade on black race via war on Muslim religion. Its a war on races different from white in case you are Asian...its a real problem that few politicians commenced on their own and must be STOPPED !!! CRIMINALS TRIALED BEFORE IT GROWS INTO GLOBAL RACIAL CONFLICT !!! ITS A TRIUMPH OF FASCISM E HAVE GOING ON. AGAIN !!!

Our problem are our politicians who simply refuse to do their work. People whom they lure to EU is not explained what is expected of them upon their entrance to EU(make them conscious as per where they are) system and are instead radicalized(separated jobless and made hostile via racism/discrimination) what is used as tactic in anticipation of awakening of Christian radicalism globally - those once radicalized are sent to other locations throughout EU such as is Eastern Europe which never ever had any racial conflicts or colonial tensions.

Elections in US close to worthless - outcome will make very little difference for humanity if any at all - continuation of bringing people of various backgrounds together regardless of those, however, can make all the difference in this world. here is no difference between radical Christian(very bad curse which took 70 million lives away just 75 years ago) and radical Muslim or radical Jew or whatever radical out there...we have a common faith in this planet which bounds us all and that is existence.

Putin/Lavrov's politic is indifferent toward Muslims as was when bombs begun to rain on Ukraine(brought NATO troops a bit closer to Moscow) - its this kinds of politic that is leading Russia alone toward dead(also civil war) end as Russians became the biggest hostages in one - as Christian majority hostile toward neighbors one will become even more reliant on nazi handouts from West. Result is Russia tailing West more and more - 1000 years behind(guaranteed future colony of the West). While West has it somewhat to protect their skies, Russia has nothing from coming war West anticipates will develop for the sake of one.

We are on the verge of much bigger problem than Coronavirus - we are facing self extermination because of handful of radical Christian politicians. Nor does Muslim, Armenian, Jewish or even Christian Russian feel good about what goes on today in their homeland and specially about where whole thing is taking to - none of mentioned is in peace. If you want to help Armenians(including those in Turkey) do so via legal means - you are welcome to fight for their rights via economic and other international ties, but war is not solution for anyone really other than off course handful of politicians. Many are in need of rights on this planet none in need of war really.

The most dangerous in France is French, The most dangerous in Holland are Dutch, The most dangerous in Germany are Germans, the most dangerous in Poland are Polacks, and in Slovenia Slovenes and in Russia Russians etc... not minorities, so get f*** normal already.
ISIS can be seen right here - was broiling for decade and half between these two alone...
Beyond idiotic, but real https://www.rt.com/news/505334-vienna-orchestra-serenades-barricaded-civilians/ will not bring anything as anticipated to any of the parties involved in crime. Enjoy the concert NEONAZI monkeys. Bring yourself sausages next time for your picnics so you can enjoy more what you missed for 75 years. 


Where is your solidarity with our women !!?????? You talk about legalizing marriage between the two of same sex to which I do not oppose(I agree) - what about our women !!????

Its easy to reverse decision about same sex marriages once basic human rights of women are even taken away - story e have seen 75 years ago repeats !!!

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