Monday, November 16, 2020

Memories come via job offers(unreal, but enough to trigger about what went on when drugged up and where)

If I wouldn't take MK Ultra as a totally unreal world where I allowed myself to do whatever I was pleased and that foremost included insults(this is what happened with me after several years of MK Ultra as I learned was used as a human toy only), I would have never made it alive - luckily I didn't take my MK Ultra blunders seriously. This is from Spain

The sweetest people in the world for sure - incl. guys next to beautiful girls. I know I know...
His face explains everything you need to know what I cooked there...there is nothing probably I don't remember about this his photo - not on photo are ladies and other males running university as far as administration staff whom I remember as well), castle, fishing...this is again Andrew's place...eventually British girls pist me off and then Spanish did same and was time to go to wrap it fast.
I said British girls and Spanish girls(I think  two Spanish girls on this photo taken in only) in Jaén city - not written anything under this photo I tell you this info.

MK Ultra with me was like you laughing and poking fun at #1 me and #2 me standing invisible right behind you observing whole thing. This is how I would describe one best.

Tell me if you ever married her !!???? I would if I were you and not crazy drugged up wrack to whom you all laughed.

I would recommend mentioned place to anyone in the world because as rated bye Andrew alone, it is one of the friendliest places on earth(people are so nice and warm). I am sorry if I left a broken heart behind 😞beautiful people.

Usual freebies(fishing) for those who brought me here on behalf of Buckingham palace...

This is recognition that Buckingham palace tries to improve impression about screw up they created - truth I published about Battenbergs today. Nothing more.

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