Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Putin had Russia pay severely for Armenian blunder - USA sold drones to Azerbajan via Turkey/Israel(weapons exceeding Russian capabilities) and Kardashians excite Armenians enough to keep fingers light on gun triggers

GOOD NEWS: І все буде прекрасно - ви можете повернутися зараз до своїх розчавлених домівок.
Putin's Armenian stunt in Trump's election support along Macron/Kurtz despite lack of direct Russian involvement in conflict, however, did came with severe costs to Russia. Not only have Muslim republics inside of the Russian federation learned about views on them from inside/outside of the federation as UNWELCOME, but Muslim states outside of the Russian federation have proven to be easy match for one. Further, Armenia which is becoming more and more English speaking country learned its spot under the sun too as promises(Christian flirting) from the West isn't all that West is preaching about. If I explain, some Christian are just more Christian in eyes of West than others - it depends against whom NATO sword is pointed at. 

Final NATO target always was/is Moscow(Armenia/Poland just a truck stop along the way if you like).

Nope, West doesn't care either about Muslims in/outside of Russia or Armenian Christians - West has agenda of its own and one is known as global domination. If they could as I have repeated you time and again, they would have us kill one another to the last one. Same as Armenia, Poland is to be used for...to test new weapons, and finally to protect its airspace - very important once full scale war develops. 

Armenians who just like Azerbajanis don't even count as a human beings to West, too could enter Russian federation as a new republic if they wanted peace so much - but that isn't gonna happen any time soon because of their negative views on Russia as a relevant patron - a bit here and a bit there smells so much better/at or least it did till today.

Teutonic plates move millimeter bye millimeter was reminded time and again by American neonazis who served in CIA lines - it doesn't happen across the night, but once its start moving it shortens time drastically toward final fall.

I thank both sides for participation in testing new weapons on live targets. Once you rebuild your homes and save enough for new rematch, we will organize another duel but till then stay hungry(eat and shit as little as possible, so it will stay to both of you more $$$$ for final match).

Благодарю обе стороны за участие в испытаниях новостного оружия по живым целям. Как только вы восстановите свои дома и накопите достаточно для нового матча-реванша, мы организуем еще одну дуэль, но до тех пор оставайтесь голодными (ешьте и гадите как можно меньше, чтобы вам обоим оставалось больше $$$$ на финальный матч).
Via Armenian warmongering, we were able to learn just how much we are different from one another and how much we can become even more different from one another...learned how non essential in this cycle we are as a human beings once broken apart bye those who incite us all in conflict against one another. I was here and on other locations for which told too damn bad that so ugly creatures built them(churches) as they look just as beautiful as would somewhere in north.

@Vladimir Putin - fascism works good yes !!????? German plan working GOOD !!!
For the cost of Donetsk/Crimea, they got Poland and Ukraine...for the cost of Armenia, nukes in direction of Moscow could gain direct traction also from Mideast/Asian area - not only NATO.

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