Wednesday, November 11, 2020

US elections map was build by Democrat and Republican senators/politicians/business billionaire people and was told will be the case to ensure my complying with US Government conditions

I cite, can be like this or can be like that...if you will call too many out, we will just turn the other way...if you will call certain ". Meaning elections were not only totally hacked as I have already explained(I was told republicans were loosing elections already for the past 20 years in 2015 or so), but are used to condition on crime a victim in which wealthy are involved. Donald Trump didn't win even elections of 2016 when he most likely got maximum some 25/30% - this was before one was proven to be a totally good for nothing neonazi bigot. Related to
If Trump scored somehow 20% on this elections(he got 10%), it is extraordinary a lot.

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