Sunday, November 8, 2020

CHARLIE CONTIINUES WITH TRACE OF DEATH AND HOW NOT: Bye bye Rabbi Lord Sacks(closest JEWISH "FRIEND" of Charles for whom Charles told me is as good as dead when present/today comes) - British royals(crime consortium) feel comfortable to bully publicly in face of killings behind which they stand - Scotland Yard covers their backs and does dirty job for them

Another one involved into MK Ultra according to whom I was a bad person but realized world is round/not flat. After being diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago, Charles sings him eulogy today - NEXT IN LINE PLEASE !!! GRAVERYARD IS OPEN 24/7 !!!

Rabbi Sacks was the closest Jewish individual - personal to be Chief Rabbi by prince Charles alone !!! Yes, I am a real deal for those who know the relationship status between the two. From Epstein who used me in bed for his sick fantasies to Andrew - Charles - Vatican - Berlin - Putin...

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Is not a problem to behave as a criminal as long as you have royal title hanging around your neck. Scotland Yard bosses(including present Cressida Dick) were and are ALL involved in this very MK Ultra case. They participated in MK Ultra - watched and watch this ordeal today. Watch own British people disappear and in my opinion ensure they disappear without anyone pointing finger at or voicing concern for killed publicly. This much also for Western democracy values.

Seen here is what fits description of response to my latest accusations and charges against them released just yesterday

Prince Charles worried yes - but not about Archie...with the speed justice is moving, we'll have British Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell released and prince Harry who ruined my life(I am also naturalized citizen of US) crowned in US.

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