Wednesday, November 25, 2020

MK Ultra in 2017 when brought from Belarus to Poland was extensive

 Medical procedure was done in Ljubljana - its where they threw me on operation table and performed whatever they performed prior too or after taking me even to United States of America where Borut Pahor had me pose next to Rudy Giuliani who attempted to claim infront of cameras to assume responsibility for stated here. Trump's administration just as Buckingham palace don't mind assuming responsibility for whatever takes against whomever abroad and they all did so on behalf of Vladimir Putin - not Lukashenko.

Dental procedure, however, was done to me in Poland.

Rudy Giuliani attempted to "remind me" lately once  published news about my health situation(next day) that it was American administration who did this, but he was briefed infront of me about medical procedure against me prior to his verbal bullshit in which he insisted they demanded. Rudy Giuliani was New York City's new police commissioner believe it or not.

Slovenian parliament members as well as close family members insisted me on not only taking vitamin supplements, but to immediately visit physician - likewise with teeth situation which will be due. Teeth situation stalked me all over Poland and also Slovenia(on billboards wherever they knew I would appear - in both countries). Local dentist who checked my teeth n 2017, attempted to remind me of what one told me case will be in 2017 by taking X ray on which occasion she inserted much bigger than needed mouth gums.

Nothing to do with Lukashenko. Zero point nothing. Lukashenko the best Slavic president ever next to Zelensky and Zeman.

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