Monday, November 2, 2020

Whoever countered(half of them at least) coming neonazi NWO deal, was marked by either disease(gave one soon illness - medical condition/injury - fixed them) or some sort of element that could in the future decide about his/her faith on heartbeat

 Different strokes for different folks. death certificates via "natural" causes if only possible(you know age factor etc.), and then whole pallet of medical conditions - accidents also happened a lot off course. William and Harry are FIRST HAND graduates from school of death certificates. Both know and did wrote medical files of victims already - such was THE case of my own from GB's direction.

Some were gone sooner, others still left in between, and the rest will be gone one way or the other as death doesn't forgive. Related to

This is the case that was meant(STILL IS) to bring whole world to its knees.

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