Tuesday, November 3, 2020

IS MENTALLY ILL(100%): In my opinion, Trump will have elections hijacked - strong indicators ALREADY exist and point in such case

 Violence(deaths) didn't stop - instead proceeded. Nobody at the right state of mind would vote for mental patient that is bouncing back and forth in his chair when infront od cameras for one thing(wears leader gloves when no one in public does)...

😉20% of votes dedicated to patient would be already very very generous.

How any journalist can refer to a mental patient as "president" is bellow my understanding....disgrace for US at its best if country ever counted as anything that constitution mentioned on the first place(yet to be determined).

Look children...its a funny uncle again on presidential debate tonight....
He is very special...always entertains us with something new
You wouldn't find something like this even inside of the locked asylum.

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