Saturday, November 14, 2020

To put it plane and simple about Armenian people and Armenia - I was there in 1995/1996 with entirely American delegation(we kept on coming back over the years)

 Artem Mikoyan's own child in Armenia disliked Russia. Armenians claimed to Americans that Russians are unfit/ill people. Have considered themselves as more worthy/superior to Russians. Artem Mikoyan's own children(grandchildren) refused to even communicate with grandson of Anastas Mikoyan who lived in Moscow - Russia. They got implicated in my case with idea to push for WWIII via which they attempted to enlarge country's area, so no wonder Emanuel Macron played his game toward end of MK Ultra also in Armenian case.

Americans plotted and plot another NATO state in the backyard of the Russia if you ask me and this with help of Russia.

Slovenia in case you didn't know - is Russia(and so is Belarus, and so is Ukraine, and Poland, and Czech etc. and again Russia - all welcome here to their home). We are Slavic people here to put it plane and simple !!!

They considered him as retarded because he loves Russia(even that his grandfather was Armenian). Namin was involved in MK Ultra

@Amenia - you wouldn't have even a piece of land today(m2) without USSR. You wouldn't exist on a map so to say.

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