Monday, November 16, 2020

Blogs posts already removed from circulation(such was case about mentioned psychologist Justyna) were again activated(published) - placed back online

 Nope, its over 100% between the two of us. I am just saying what Polish Czech police have done via stolen phones/. 

She knew all about coming(far more than what I did) so I don't care about it even a little bit. This is just for the record for people to understand what went on. Related to

German Queen Elizabeth claimed me how much they searched and searched for photo they would use to incorporate her into royalism for my sake and how they managed to already brainwash her into one and don't I dare to screw up(hehehe) while at the same time they recruited some 100 female doppelganger to engage in violence and psychological abuse against me to demonstrate her in worst light possible.

Well, there is nothing "royal" about me when judging you...even less would I found appropriate for Germans to meddle into personal marital affairs between Poles and Slovenes lets say or Slavs on general...
I wouldn't allow even British to stick nose in something like this, but for Battenbergs which murdered 30 million Slavs just 75 years ago to allude something like this is just grotesque and odious what also your plan was...

Keep making her feel good about being a duped into your world of lies. Anything to anyone to save your own Buckingham palace tail from ugly TRUTH - again.

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