Sunday, November 15, 2020

I see Poland to make myself clear as a terrorist state - VERY DANGEROUS RADICAL PRO FASCIST STATE !!!

 I do list one on the list of few most dangerous countries there is on earth. This is where American CIA kills with hands free unhinged.

I cite myself in 2002/2003 when brought like an animal drugged up in city of Zgierz, "where are we"....answer to me was, "in a city where you will be killed in future".

@Poland - you can go FULL HAIL HITLER IF YOU LIKE, but you will not hijack us and place knife under our throats as was with my case so to hide yourself behind us who are not even Pollacks. Do this with your own people, not with non Polish people from abroad. Yes, you voted in 2020 and I did too.


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