Monday, November 16, 2020

The biggest the mightiest pedophilie grooming group that ever existed in this world(specially across the Europe) is based in Vatican - not Makkah

They are NOT Muslims as Buckingham palace would want to portray situation in Britain to exonerate Vatican and own blunders...its a Christian Church next door and this was written in Slovenia with acknowledging same all over the world. They should be banned from existence as their door presents world of Lucifer which demonstrated us and reminds us today of what took place just 80 years ago.

Christianity has two ends - extremely poor and extremely reach.

In extremely reach(West), its privileged whites that profit from it materialistically while the rest extremely poor, there is no whites or are very few - South America which otherwise with its minerals would excel/exceed when compared to Europe etc...

Church brought into my life nothing but evil. Pain and suffering for which in crucial moments when lets say in Grotnikah they wouldn't even answer questions when asked about events yet they bubbled something about giving proofs about what took place for no less than 23 years - witnessing. Same repeated in Lodz Gorna near Stawy Jana and what is now known as Szpital Zakonu Bonifratrów Św. Jana Bożego w Łodzi(in 1995/1996 this was a regular hospital where I was brought against my will shaking in fear for my life)

@Vatican - MK Ultra is a play out of Satan's book !!!

Its why I started to broil in anger as during my worst moments in life, they sided with FASCIST Lucifer located inside of the White House in Washington DC and their Polish president regardless of his past neglecting even own Pope John Paul II who couldn't stand any longer watching me in pain suffering whenever brought to him.

They are witnesses of saw nothing, heard nothing, and know nothing and its the kind of god I do not recognize as God.

You are beasts and GOD HATES YOU !!! I am certain the pay day will come for you and your believers who choose to see your way - your boat will enter his deep Holy See.

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