Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I now understand the full scale of CIA operation against me which had me visit also Alessandra Mussolini, failed German Georg Friedrich, and all other remnants of greatest evil(including Noor bin Ladin - just making sure that photos/videos taken next to whomever have nothing to do with me) that exists today or is connected to the past

100% of the time cameras rolled and for each meeting with mentioned, two/three or even more scenarios played out - they repeated scenarios and filmed. Filmed and filmed drugged up man subjected to MK Ultra and distributed lies to whomever thrum whoever/whenever. I bet his world photos/videos redistributed globally and you are as dead as anything in this world possibly ever was or could be. Understandable. Its what you call full scale genocide.

With full scale attack on an individual, one would be certainly much much better of dead(blacklisted like this means to be walking dead nothing more - I was for no less than 26 years thanks to America) - it would be bye far SAFER FOR ONE than staying alive. I am not kidding. 

How I managed to do all this - well, I don't even dare to look back is how for one thing.

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