Saturday, November 14, 2020

For me, #1 now is employment as I receive nothing from anyone(or have ever received to make myself clear). I can't afford to continue to concentrate on collecting proofs for police as police clearly works(IGNORES) for politicians/royalties against me

I am collecting base of proofs to submit new complains and one adds up to enormous amount of physical proofs about most severe abuse of government power(criminal American justice system which went on to bribe even abroad with idea to kill in this case) have ever seen.

The amount of data I collected so far from this news site and which is non related to crime performed against me during collection of those is astonishing to me alone...if I recall incident of Canadian woman which was used for MK Ultra experimentation purposes just for couple of years inside of Canadian mental institution and got case admitted without submitting a single proof, I am in a total disbelief of what goes on with me here infront of public....I am in a total disbelief on just how dangerous United States of America as a country is. I have deeply underestimated one in sense of criminal capabilities/corruption.

Once I get source of income, I will concentrate more on so called "proofs" because they became nothing more than burden - help to police to ignore its work further.

 I do not attempt to retire doing this - helping police to depict myself as half crazy loading online proofs to be ignored bye one. This case is about police and human rights organizations more than anything - depicts how filthy/rotten world United States of America created.

List of proofs coming next.

    Never mind some $40.000 in cash stolen from me as a life savings via sock market exchange in New York and even social security I was going to leave behind once I decided leave US due to increasing torture and more and more severe forced unemployment in which they commenced to blend "accidents at work", but one I returned back to Slovenia in mid 2006 after 11.5 years in US - I discovered I no longer have even family left here as they feared for own lives due to government involvement in the case. This is real USA. In my life or what whole thing lead to,  was me being left without nothing and proclaimed as insane via forced unemployment.

Another Al Gore will sign another George Bush THE AUTHORISATION, and another 3.000 Americans are going to be blown up on another occasion in another city in US - death only knows when...and its why is important WE THE PEOPLE OF EASTERN EUROPE AND WORLD PROTECT OUR MOST BASIC AND SACRET TO US - pure sanity from American values. 

Look at the cars we have...look at the buildings we have...look at the technology we have - yes, and look at the number of homeless/sick/PTSD/cancer/diabetes etc. they also have.

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