Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In 2004 - Putin was gone from public, but still would randomly return to Novo mesto(did each time they hijacked me to meet with foreign politicians outside of Russia) - In 2008, however, it was over for eternity is what KGB individual claimed me as they feared for his safety

 Local people begun to organize assassination of one. They caught two locals attempting to whack one due to death he brought and it was over. This didn't prevent his right hand security associate who would frequently mix pills into people's coffee to promise me in 2008 that he if needed will give pill to a local collaborator who will do it for him. This is the way it was with Putin and city of Novo mesto which hosted one for almost decade - half of which city was his second home.

@United Russia - In your dreams and in case you will, I don't even dare what will happen with all of us - you are a political party of wrack.

SLOVENIA NOT THE SAME AS SLOVAKIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, OR POLAND(KGB was gone from PICTURE there totally in 2001-2002 and its where CIA took over killings via own sympathizers with idea to blame it down on Russia) FOR RUSSIA - SLOVENIA  IS WHERE PUTIN ALONE STILL COMES SECRETLY HERE AND THEN AS THE ONLY EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRY. Cancer in mentioned states(Poland, Czech, Slovakia) from 2002 rests on hands of Andrej Babis, Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki and others.

Bowel(colon) cancer was a number 1 Putin's specialty. I was explained all on how it works. 

Borut Pahor insisted me that health issue will be a test for me weather I can keep my mouths shut in respect to his blunders(I don't think only his blunders, but also an excuse for his partner Janez Jansa because of whom I kept silent - both anticipated to give Putin and Trump an election boost if I would only open my mouths earlier)

In Slovenia interesting enough, we are along Slovakia taking two among 5 top places worldwide

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