Thursday, November 26, 2020

Americans insisted for my publishing what took place, I would either have to leave Slovenia or die according to them(its not that all this took place because I was brought for torture from USA to Slovenia for no less than 13 years) - Borut Pahor didn't get passed his poisoning cancerous threats

 If you will go to work then your launch box - Borut Pahor told me in 2006(bashed about it during MK Ultra) that no one in his family has cancer except for an aunt. In 2012 that he expended cycle within family. Claimed that he had to get read off even national assembly(Državni zbor) employees - parliamentarians. After 2005/2006, column cancer pill was expanded to new cancerous possibilities. 

As far as America - I want one out from entire eastern Europe and not that I would give one even a second thought. This entire garbage was brought into a very wrong hands in eastern Europe. Putin was traditionally Stalin who had idea to financially rip Russian taxpayers via terror - distribution of death who, however, made no impression on me of any kind. From sister to cousins, uncles, closest family friends/neighbors - death via became a new normal for them(never myself).

Did Borut Pahor had chance to do it different - well, its why I want NATO out of eastern Europe and eastern Europe to hold itself more self accountable. From case of my own is totally evident that non Russian Slavic countries acted and act in our own homelands like baboons infront of domestic and American/Russian politic - its not everything about American/Russian issue(either like this or like that), but instead declining to accept responsibility of any kind and instead continue with killing spree as is fun/funny to observe people suffer - die in pain and not crime if orders come from politicians.

Funny enough, both criminals LOVE VLADIMIR PUTIN and I think this explains everything you need to know about Slovenia.

This individual was here inside of this house and was a personal body guard of Vladimir Putin - he was given also other security details whenever he would visit Slovenia and finally as told good ob in Russia. Photo taken from government site  which means they attempted to terrorize people - off course myself.

Borut Pahor thinks highly of himself and devoted to him assassins who always do job for him; meeting in person with me would be insult to his majesty or perhaps he doesn't have a face to look individual like myself in the eyes what most likely case is - this goes AGAINST principle of Slovenian national resistance(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) and has nothing to do with communism either - it is in line with Stalinism. TERROR - KILLINGS.

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