Friday, November 13, 2020

Cancer rates and Coronavirus a nice prelude into WW3 - Bill Gates promised more of these in the future, but I think its a good started without almost any resistance at all

Wondering about Chemtrails rather than real source of cancer  !!????? They want it this way. They want you to stare up dare rather than into your coffee cups/soups. Coronavirus vaccination - a very bad idea. Few of those for different types of viruses and you might already wonder what the final outcome will be on your DNA - or on DNA of your children/grandchildren.
Related to  not idiotic Chemtrail conspiracies. PEOPLE ARE DYEING FOR REAL AND IS ABOUT TO GET MUCH MUCH WORSE.

It started with Hollywood obituaries no one cares about any longer today no wonder...remember what I told you case will be before Coronavirus "crises" !!?????

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