Wednesday, November 18, 2020

AMERICAN BLOGGER(GOOGLE) proceeded to place on draft post about Armenian trainer whom I have identified at Fujitsu and then after list was comprised have published her back on blogger.

 List was past her comprised yesterday when also google account for this very blogger was changed - I told you they have changed google passwords back to old one after I already changed them(did so after phones were stolen to secure accounts). The one playing with it are google owners - also involved in crime against me just as Facebook owners. 

Armenian terrorists who know her, but with whom she has NO ties(SHE HELPED ME OUT BECAUSE SHE WAS INTERESTED IN ME AS MALE AND AS A HUMAN BEING IF I ALREADY HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHOLE THING  - NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS WARMONGERING FOR WAR WITH ISLAM) otherwise, told me case will be with blogger platform - gestured me that individuals employed at Google with whom he already made pact about cyber terrorism against me confirm his action for the cost of loosing employment there(if this is how far it would go) as US government already secured them new positions elsewhere.

One of the terrorists in fact individual whom you were able to hear during my last video IN FACT has direct connection inside of the Google and have had acted as a hiring personnel at Google when I was job searching in US. Mentioned Armenian girl was involved in MK Ultra already very very early on...probably from 2000 or so...far earlier than any of warmongering terrorists who targeted me in Lodz hostel.

@Armenia - nothing personal, but your government went far too far in respect to my case alone:
Here is how my original stance in respect to Armenia looked like(NO MORE) till I pulled out what too place against me personally just so you will understand who cooked whole thing and why I changed view drastically. This was published what you can see yourself on October 15th, 2020 or more than a month ago - it was my first article on Armenia on what I have not published anything - I instead begun to evaluate my acquaintances.

Mentioned terrorist a nobody and nothing other than terrorist as simple as this, have HAD passed all US Immigration points to and out of US as pleased as well as all other security measures US is otherwise using - can be also seen US citizenship nothing more than a real joke/trash - a slavery certificate as I explained. I as US citizens on the other hand was treated like a s**** in what should be my country, so they could push forward at my expense terrorists from abroad. Hey hey....

This also demonstrates that my activities are more than just closely monitored by American state. And I mean SUPER CLOSE.


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