Friday, November 20, 2020

I have not even used that pot much(perhaps I did 10 times) for heating or anything - just to drink from one

Blood pressure seems lowered itself to somewhat normal since yesterday.
Poisonous 10 month old pot was exploding from invisible rust.

Video can be also seen at
Poisoning via rust followed up on me closely all the way from and back to Slovenia. Question is if not from 2018 when first attacked most severely via directed energy weapons what made me move to ground floor bellow where most likely neighbor easily entered room and sipped some in food on what blood pressure sound begun to appear. 

Nobody had tooth problems in 1997/1998 according to my memory as they commenced to play with directed energy weapons in Slovenia/Poland etc., but rust was a deciding deal for boys in Poland already back then. Plot had to look as natural as it gets too due to MK Ultra case itself in which psychiatry was involved since day 1.

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