Saturday, February 29, 2020

LUCIFERS: @Charles - Amer. billionaires, Berlin etc.

How much to kill the world !!????

How much in human greed and investments to turn humanity against one another !!???

Human solidarity vs greed is the name of the game

Putin, Medvedev, Kaczynski, Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki, Aleksandar Vucic, and others begun to dream about money via case of my own - just watching money talk and agreeing to the was a trap - nothing more than a death..."we will pay you 200 billion $$$ if you can prove we did tortured you" clowded eyes to politicians...this is why was so important for my MKultra game to get one going...its game of death that deprived me via lies in which people believed 25 years of life and which will cost humanity of its existance...

Trump already won 2020 - via controlled democratic party and Coronavirus anarchy

Its game over for US in respect to 2020. As urgent health measures, world must unite against creator of one and not fall to chaotic neonazi trap prepared to isolate even China(no longer Iran only) from normal trade relations with one another. Same people involved as in death on African continent

Friday, February 28, 2020

I don't remember Turkey ever being enemy with US - not because of what was organised in one via US/German intelligence to destroy those who would potentially rebel and with idea to get Russia on ice

They succeeded too. I kept quiet because Putin's politic is too expensive for me. Its expensive for average Russian too, but they yet have to realize - no worries. Related to

Максим(ok) и я здороваюсь

They are not angy as they look - they are nice young people(younger generation). Most important good young people who will replace legacy of their parents/grandparents - young people thanks to whom world will be safe place for all. They are from all backgrounds and sharing common destiny for the sake of one another is their legacy.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

AWESOME SIDES OF CORONAVIRUS DEATH: #1 virus will not kill good people - only bad !!! #2 Under Coronavirus(Trump's presidency) economy will improve tremendoulsy

Survivers(good people):
TRUMP FAMILY(Yvanka, Ehrlcih und Junior), BUCKINGHAM PALACE(William yeah - Harry may be even forced into hiding known as afterlife), DUDAS/MORAWIECKIES, Barbara/Jenna Bush etc...

Imagine demand for filed of employement after virus for which some estimate well - just as Philip stated would...the prospect is enormous(virus will even end your endless job search and give zou a relief in case of economic struggle and death becomes instead a relief as I alone was told will be with my job search in 2008 when in Minneapolis, USA) !!! BEST EVER !!!

China to Russia: End discriminatory coronavirus measures against Chinese

Racial discrimination(RACIAL FASCISM against Russians with slightest presence of Asian DNA) not new factor in Russia, but under Putin one went into 5th gear - took off insanely as Russia no longer is homeland for numerous Russians(at least 90% of Russians are seen as nonwhite in Russia according to German standards obayed by Vladimir Putin and paid in for much from Trump's administration - continuation of free military arsenal and German oil purchasing for the sake of the war against Ukraine and domestic population alone). Latest racial Coronovirus scapegoating of Chinese by Trumpet's administration not a concidence even in Russia...

Putin reveals plan to use body double

I can confirm this as authentic(truth) news because he pulled fithy tricks during my stay in Poland via public news networks with hope to turn me against Poland - MKultra brainwash takes place on what subject can be reminded of extremelly abusive scenarios even(THE HIGHEST MKULTRA PROFILE EVER) via someone like Putin/Trumpet....

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Likely" is now a few camera shots and release of imported deadly viruses from USA - Sanders and others who know EVERYTHING about here stated kept and keep silent

and that tells me something little about US politics.

I would urge China, India, Japan, as well as North/South Koreas to work together rather than one against another. You are much closer to one another than to one who is supposedly "protecting" you. 

Andrzej Duda(Kaczynski/Morawiecki) have elections coming(10 May 2020, but almost all will be decided bye March 23), so he needs to prove his loyalty to Poland with more violence/crime against me - will be a busy month

My car is already listed for theft(will be stolen by city one of these days or whatever scenario they will follow up on) at this point and I will not even go into other stuff done - not affordable to report one at this point.

White House paranoid now hires as top aid a 23 years old student

is now completelly in world of his own. His own associates present threat to one and cant be trusted

Donald Trump, Coronavirus, and Ebola and Ukraine and everything else you see that went on for his sake

@Andrzej Duda & Kaczynski....and who anticipated Coronavirus would even made to Lodz and gestured this very hostel as danger some 10/7 years ahead of what we have going on today !!??? Insisted me that I shoulndt stay in big city or in its vicinity - move instead out on a country side till one is gone.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bloomberg starts to remind of secret Orwelian agreement between republicans and democrates in respect to my case

Related to

And as agreed with Warren/Trump, stops talking about one as soon as Warren reminds public about world of his own affairs(script prepared ahead to remind people to keep mouth shut at all costs despite to what those see on this very site since rep. and dem. are on same page of one).

Monday, February 24, 2020

Trump & Tyson Fury — a long history of homophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic comments

I was right again. From Yahoo news:

Here is my newest saying

I have made some big mistakes...made some bad choices in life...

However, nobody was born right, and nobody will ever prove me wrong either !!!

Barack Obama sends me an angel reminder from Nigeria with knowledge of my MKultra case

Video can be also seen at

I am now Obama's supporter. That is right.

At age 42, Trump Junior eventually gathers(gets himself a license) courage to face off with Grizzly bear(well protected and from safe distance off-curse, but still he demonstrates us his fearless courage/greatness - perhaps more)

When you keep killing like this, I guess it doesn't make much difference to one whether it is from animals or people that get all comes to killing techniques and for that matter you have to read explosion of obituaries which appeared in news during the last two year period...I get Trumpets...I understand their view on world/people. View on humanity s whole(thirst/rush for blood).

Fast fix in respect to previous post - POMPEO and not Pence

Don't care about either of them, but it was about Pompeo, he appeared to have close relation with. Just want to be very detailed about it. Related to

Now 62 years old was also brought to Poland(2006/2008/2010 the latest) by Trumpet to demonstrate his superiority skills to pigeon like myself

What difference does it make whether you lift 100 boxes that weight 20kg or 80 of them...

What difference does it make your height or/and weight when lifting those boxes...none

MKULTRA - Recognized gentleman 24 years back into MKultra time on Polish street in Lodz at the evening walk

I also explain why I will charge countries with 10% tax on trade between Western and Eastern Europe from year 1995 and on(till the litigation for worst crime possible ends with legal settlement).
Video can be also seen at 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bad, but all good

 SPEND DAY FIXING THIS(was triggered today to mke audio or video auditing impossible)...GOT THINGS DONE ANYWAYS...VIDEOS COMING.

No comment news

THE ALL NEW TRUMPOCRAZY'S MANDELA SHOW GOES AWRY FOR HIM: Basement a better and safer hiding place for Rod Blagojevich than newly founded Trumpocrazy movement

Beside eye blinking features Blagojevich learned from George Bush in his oped basement watching youtube, nothing much goes on for him in public life...his first interview with CNN ends exactly on location known as TRUMPOCRAZY as Andersson pinned him to his seat with facts.

Not only Mandela - not his first Trumpcrac(Z)y...Blagojewich blacker than Obama too and I bet more Hitler than Trump. .

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Recognized two people all the way back to 1996

One related to Hotel Grand whom I have identified on street after 8pm(solid night) and second person is Russian...1996 and perhaps even end of 1995...1996 to be on a safe side and thats no less than 24 years back when meeting this people as MKultra subject.

I guess I am not so insane after-all...all audio recorded.

MKULTRA Hotel Grand and ghost workers business identified from back to year 1996 or 1997

Video can be seen also at

Extraordinary testimony...came from the opposite direction of town...entered back area - could consider one as detached from hotel - interior place was remodeled no less than three times in mean while and gualla...even details on money how city got one(from who/how/ and why) - if I remember properly, one of the city people have grabbed this public property for himself(was talk - could have partner)...I can even describe gentleman. Amazing testimony back in time and when drugged up. No American present remembers any of details mentioned here. Go over personal notes tards.

INDIA: Trump DREAMS about 10 millions welcoming him to India(would what Hitler and Trump regarded as GYPSIES really do something like this and in case they would - who/what would be the rea$$on behind real reason)

The deal of the century PART II explained - Roma people came from India and basically are part of great Indian nation.
@Prime Minister Narendra Modi - show a bit solidarity with people worldwide including Americans. Don't sell humanity and your own people on a long term to a neonzi criminal. 100 is too many for slime-bag like this. The biggest problem today is not the money - the problem today is what to do with it. DON'T !!!

If anything, this is an opportunity for India to give US Government a note on which would be stated, "while we appreciate business with USA, it is not convenient for India to welcome on its soil American Klu Klux Klan leader praising Hitler's neonazi policies". <==it would end crises withing days as US Government is testing willingness of world to submit itself infront of nazism.


India tempers Trump's hopes of 'millions' in welcome parade

MKULTRA - Professor of Lodz University identified 15 plus years back to 2005

Video can be also seen at

On photo, you can see number of Lodz Universities and I bet there are came down to bakery shop(his home wise) in Lodz and he lives about three houses from one...I even remember when bakery shop became open...for this statement, I haven't even seen one on map...

Friday, February 21, 2020


If I relese each day a video proof about MKultra, I have enough of daily proofs that can submit to public like this for

another two years at least. Written on Feb. 21st of 2020.

MKULTRA - Told to work few hours for free at Trumps hotel for hotel owner to see if employment can be offered to me

Video can be also seen at

MKULTRA - Syrian GHOST WORKER COUPLE identified back to 2010

Video can be also seen at

What is ghost worker of ghost business in MKultra...I explain in example seen here how governments protect themselves from claims if incapable to prove the point...I have identified such school(yet another of many other businesses - all proven) of English language today and have proven one that it was used in 2017 s ghost business...

President Trump calls out Brad Pitt and criticizes 'Parasite' at rally(yellow man bothers Mr. president)

@Trumpet - Don't worry/I like him...America likes a great actor and

I think he is insensitive to nazis...I think he doesn't like them just like myself. We both love Asia(go North and South Korea) and other parts of the world :))) 

I support Barack Obama from today on

He called them out as is and I did greatly underestimated evil we face in US as well as on global scale as result of situation in US/GB. Our choice to obtain clean political candidate is extremely limited - greatly biased. We have a real problem. Taking antinazi side which ends with victory against one is now a priority...@India...who do you think created threat in your background and why(goes same for all others that made deal with global nazi group) think process will not be reversed per their convenience again and so on and so forth !!????

We have seen Dudas, Kaczynskis, Morawieckis before - we have seen this type of Christian circles in the past

All I can tell you is that people who turn their backs on Jesus(suffering which they witnessed personally) aren't very godly people unless their God is lucifer.

Those who recognized me okay - thank you very much for seeing yourself as Christian - those who didn't and attend church, should be expelled from one by real believers. There is no place in God's house for both.

EXCLUSIVE ON ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Corrupt nazi criminal(he is from Serbia but the kind Serbia raised against 70 something years ago) Rod Blagojevich(involved in my MKultr case since day A) declares his jail release - proclaims support for "new" movement known as Trumpocrat(you know...we have seen that one before already - not so new)

In a really great shape with smile on his face - released from hidden basement where he used to write OPED ARTICLES for God only knows which newspapers...Real Blagojevich announces his comeback on political stage - pledges his alliance(makes oath for what he believes others will feel is their duty) to replacement of Adolf Hitler known as Klu Klux Klan president Donald Trump. Rogger Bunny believes his conduct will influence Serbian(traditionally anti nazi people) people as well as help Putan Putanowich to survive on a long term. All you see here was seen 70 something years ago except that you have broader scale of nazi cooperation tody as was the case prior to WWII. And even this one is still in incubator circles - far from enough to really get anywhere. People who read this are top government officials who decide about Putins, so everything is not so Putin or Kaczynski(Duda) just yet.

Mamangutan talks about God against whom he turned....

#1 Real Blagojevich never ever served jail sentence. American neonzi deep state had doppelgangers on pay list to pose inside of the jail. There are YUGGGEEE disparities between even prisoners in USA...Trump knows nothing bout him...doesn't know him personally(only from TV😂😂 cause Rod only was a governor and those don't count much to career criminals Trump alike who were at one point 5 billion Dollars in debt) unless he could use one to get his nazi agenda going(related to Putan Putanwich most recent REPEATED FROM DECEMBER 2019 breakthrough on American Russiaan relations for the sake of his financial standings because he knows is dead if he doesn't get one going )....

Thursday, February 20, 2020

MKultra: 8 of 8 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKultra program

Video can be also seen at

Pay attention to end of the tape....from 12th hour and 21 minute on when I farewell myself from friends who gave me whatever they could for testimony to be factual. Owner manager of business eventually signaled call from Warsaw upon his arrival at work in the morning...

For the first time in my life I had to leave workplace due to being incapable to physically perform work duties...

It made me felt impotent for the first time in my life - 
I saw myself as male who can't impregnate woman(its 
what disabled worker is to work when not capable to 
handle one in my eyes)

MKultra: 7 of 8 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKultra program

Video can be also seen at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MKultra: 6 of 8 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKultra program

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

THEDAILYBEAST: This Isn’t the Madman Theory. This Is a Madman President.

At this moment, on another Earth, a man is locked in a padded cell, nodding to the gibbering chorus of voices in his head and smearing out his manifesto on the grimy walls of the asylum using a jagged fingernail and his bodily fluids.

This chorus tells him things, you see. They warn him of the many hands posed to strike him, and demand revenge for every slight. They praise him, stroke his ego, and feed his rage.

HEIL HITLAH/HEIL TR(DUMB)P: Identical to Adolf Hitler's plan "Generalplan Ost", Trump's deal of the century would also cleanse Arabs from existence

Same as Adolf Hitler's Generalplan Ost for Slavic peoples, Trump makes proposition called as his "Deal of The Century" which would also gradually(systematically) cleanse Arabs/MidEasterners from their habitat beginning with Palestinians to Iraq and so on....

@Poland - read this really good

Its why you will hold yourself self accountable.

@Poland - goes same for Andrzej Duda, Kaczynski, Morwaiecki who made GENOCIDE deal against me with Donald Trump

You will hand them over to justice department and judge them for crime against me personally which involved most severe forms of torture of Slovenian American citizen in your country for no less than 21 years - 25 years of life was ruined to me(I was deprived of life because of what went on in Poland via Poland).

Yes, I am interested in doing whatever it takes to help this country, but not beyond seeing myself as worthy less than animal. I am not sadomasochist !!!

Trump's son out of wedlock dreamed about acrylamide(had acrylamide obsession due to experiencing according to him same symptoms I do with sound in ears) - carcinogen

Acrylamide that they(along with other Americans - really Trump team when in Poland) came to conclusion wouldn't cause cancer if given in single large quantity to victim, but other possible mixtures would - claimed that US Government is using cancerous substances to cause people cancer in US. Just thinking about Alexander Litvinenko here and I am unsure what to really even think...China is blamed for Corona-virus and tiny American labs are capable to find medication to one within almost hours(days the most)....aids and other gaarbage blamed on nature/others, but in fact MADE IN USA/GB/GERMANY.

Who will be appointed(they appoint via electronic buttons and not elect), I don't really care, but do support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only for 2020

2020 will not have much impact on my life as I am heading my own way, but for the sake of US democracy(well being of American general society - people), I do cast my vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only. The point is that we wouldn't get as far as we did if democrats party wouldn't be for the most part controlled opposition(even Russian state became nothing more than controlled opponent under Putin and such may be the case with others who stroke deal for the sake of new colonial era). Yes, its time for me to discriminate against my own skin color as crazy as it may sound. Such are the times.

Bernie Sanders is out of my list - most likely a crook - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for president and no other on my list

@US Government - you will hand Mr. Trump and his three children over to US Supreme court in respect to this MKultra case which turned 25 years of life into bellow animal status(less than slave)

Here is how Mr. Benitto Mousolini(Donald Trump's predecessor from Italy - not Italian, just from Italy) ended his saga of power.

Trumpet called himself a chief law enforcement officer yesterday. This is career I pursued all my life and couldn't realize one because of this criminal and his family. Its an extra insult for me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Gee, now that is one sxy girl in her 50s ;) written with permission of mentioned psychologist girl

I will say no more :))))) just waw ;)))

@KREMLIN: Putin is pulling Russia into WWIII conflict for the sake of his personal banking accounts

and Russia(we all will incl. those who defend themselves in conflict - Ukraine/Poland) will pull short one this time. Make no mistake, stronger and stronger NATO will eventually crush Russia(if not gradually economically then militarily).

UKRAINE UNDER NEW ASSAULT THIS MORNING: Violent schizophrenic in Kremlin answers my pointing out facts about HIS FAKE PRESIDENCY very very fast - war is better answer than court invitation

When faced with truth, Putan Putanowich(once even tsar wannabe) answers fast through his proxies on side of Ukrainian border...will not face justice no matter what !!! Heh(will see about that pal).

Polish cleric(priest) went on to publicly insult Mr.Biedron(politician who is openly gay) during mass in the church - people begun to leave church

"GW": Ksiądz obrażał Biedronia podczas mszy. Ludzie wychodzili z kościoła - "GW": The priest insulted Biedronia during the mass. People were leaving the church

Individual who would be a perfect fit for prime minister in Poland according to taste of my own(#1 choice - I wouldn't look any further), got insulted for being openly gay inside of the church during mass in Poland. He further begun to gesture typical Kaczynski's tactics on how one is complaining against Poland to European Union...

Neonazi Buttgieg(long time friend of Trump) would want to entertain us with "jokes" during massive obituary appereanc

Am certain you do see the number of people "dyeing" left and right. What better way to help than to see yourself as funny muppett

Monday, February 17, 2020

BELARUS/RUSSIA(only a question of time): Putin and Lukashenko waiting for my case to become public, so Belarus rightfully can be annexed back ton federation

There is no Belarus without Russia and no Russia without Belarus. I will not even try to suggest otherwise, but fact is that Putin is so shaken by my case that beside him altering Russian constitution(he really really is afraid of truth in respect to my case as he have stolen a lots a lots of money and done nothing but evil to the one he stole money from - you know my story by now am sure) forced him to merge as last ratings approval also annexation of Belarus to Russian federation.

Belarus !!???? 

Just 300 meters down the road from library after posting online tonight some interesting news

Video can be seen also at

Its a city house and am sure they will have great excuse for what you see here...

MKulra: 5 of 6 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKulta program

Video can be also seen at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

MKulra: 4 of 6 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKulta program

Video can be also seen at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

MKulra: 3 of 6 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKulta program

Video can be seen also at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

MKulra: 2 of 6 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKulta program

Video can be seen also at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

MKulra: 1 of 6 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKulta program

Video can be seen also at

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

Not even nazi Germany did to Jews what American government have done to me

You can only imagine what I want to do with Donald Trump and his kids. Its not different from what Jews would have done iuf thgey would get ahold of alive Hitler.

@Duda/Kaczynski - your new self elected 2020 presidency starts from today on with a lots of misery - I know something little about obituaries

You just somehow didn't get message. Okay then...

Now I started to actually see real purpose in whole thing

Case is far from over(opens a new can of worms such as blaming individual for being tortured for no reason and attempting to revive in one even a self blame for state killings which played in-front of my eyes). Will drag through courts and public for many many more years to come.

MKultra schedulle due to crimes against Poland as Duda stated

For breaking spine at work location in Zgierz you get so many and so many points...for blaming yourself at present(and past locations) location you get so many and so many points(scores)...if everything goes well, you case will be recognized.

Will give detailed video update on this very subject. Mr Duda just as Kaczynski, am sure you know, is a lawyer.

Andrzej Duda in fact insisted that for helping me out, I do have to see myself when revealing MKultra torture as perpetrator so he can effectively present this to Polish state as productive for both sides - the only way I would get case "recognized"(not admitted case should be with crimes)

This now became in my eyes a wall of shame - but not for me.

Not that Putin wouldn't be guilty or that Berlin doesn't have dirty plans for Poland

Putin murdered and raped(had his "KGB" people do) in Poland up to year 2005 - left and right. Was assisted by Kaczynski straight from beginning(to look bad and good - bad when American assistance was needed because of bad bad Russians and good when he sent 100 opposition Poles into certain death near Smolensk by providing in advance secure location in Russia for his brother and his wife - two never boarded plane - opposition Poles because those saw it the Polish way and not Putin - opposition Poles because they were real Poles in a fake political party) even in certain cases in post 2005 period, but most of murders and Parkinson/Alzheimer(even pills were given out to turn people into schizophrenics/paranoids - 20 to 30 years old killed/raped) etc. diseases are related to deep Polish state which didn't even release anything bout what wen on - they hushed locals and affected families with lies that its all part of bigger plan and with time people are gone one way or another...I will not even go into German matters as is obvious from case of my own what Berlin represents.

I saw what I needed to see and I heard what I needed to hear

Up to date, nobody even apologized(I did on numerous occasions) for what too away from me 25 years of life.

POLISH SCHIZOPHRENIC GOVERNMENT KILLING SPREE MACHINE(killings gone wrong): A corpse of a Polish woman in a sleeping bag. They were to be buried in the playground?

Not only "Wall for Kasia"(Polish state killings of Pollacks in Poland with idea to blame it on KGB), but Polish killings of Pollacks across the border to blame it on Germany and others. Related to

Poor Polish lady murdered in most gruesome way by her own Polish people in Berlin was homeless for quite some time...BECAME AS SUCH A PERFECT TARGET TOO !!!

Years back when brought under MKultra to Zgierz to face hysteria in the face of locals(street where I stayed without right to heting - nope, locals knew nothing about what went on just as the caase was with Kasia, Julia, and numerous others) , young man from Kurak disappeared like this as well and is evident several others Poles in Poland as well...last killing of Pollack in Berlin, however, didn't go ll that well for Polish killing machine who loves to blame it on othersłoki-polki-w-śpiworze-miały-zostać-zakopane-na-placu-zabaw/ar-BB103HZ8?li=BBr5MK7

Sprawcy zatrzymani
Jakiś czas później mężczyźni zostali zatrzymani przez policję. To Polacy, w wieku 42 i 35 lat. Nie wiadomo, jaki był motyw tego zabójstwa. Obaj zostali osadzeni w areszcie.

Wall for Kasia nothing more than political stunt - a stunt/scam

 There is no human conscious involved here. This is Poland. 

Sometimes after 2005, KGB killings in Poland were replaced by Polish state which blamed them on KGB to get their game going. Number of killed people around me(people which participated in MKultra case) is staggering.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

About coffee

I drank one a lot at latest company where I was a strong(perhaps strongest Jacobs high quality coffee) coffee too meaning that I drank none in hostel. The sssssssssss sound in head went to almost nothing...very good roomate left me a bit of coffee this morning in his own cup as he stated would under MKultra(I stated that I identified almost entire hostel from the past involvement in MKultra) and this fact alone tells me everything I need to know about subject known as "coffee" in which even toilet paper was stashed in one.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

How to get married next time get someone who can pay more than 200k without complaining... pay all she owes in advance to whomever you do want to get married too, and then you marry her😀😂

The real British people reject nazism, there will be a fight with the bitches on the beaches of London this time

@Buckingham palace - Never wanted to do this, but you left no choice. Its a one way street which leads to your doorsteps.

There will be no nazism in GB or elsewhere in Europe. People in Northern Ireland no longer want to even remain in Britain because of this unruly family in London.

All what you see is happening regarding nazism is thanks to man who stashed $300 billion stolen Dollars on his personal banking account

"May not be forever, but will be good for s long as it will last" according to own words of Russian gigolo and for that price, great WWII victory was sold too.
Corrupt, criminal, racist, and psychopath who caused even a bloodshed between brotherly nations for the sake of his bank statements.

YOU RE FIRED: Bye bye "Stars and Stripes" and hello 卍E卐swastika卍E卐 - HEIL HITLER !!! SIEG HEIL !!!

The chosen one(related to https://theCHOSENone), ended funding for American WWII veteran newspaper. Makes him no sense to keep up with American tradition since he have other plans for the country.

Trump budget zeroes out funding for Stars and Stripes, the military's newspaper

@US Government

Unfortunately for you, your political implication in my case as per either to favor Russia or Poland or Ukraine etc., doesn't concern you(I do not allow your MKultra schizophrenia to enter world of Slavic affairs through to me in absolutely any way - whether your MKultra BRINWASH concerned Russia or Ukraine or Poland, it is none of your business to misrepresent any of my views to the world as my legitimate views as I deem you at this point are rather major threat to our people regardless of their location in Eastern Europe). You s a political option have demonstrated willingness to not only sell and use US citizens from eastern Europe as slaves for torture(business and pleasure wise), but to also throw on  trade table entire nations(supposedly your allies).

Friday, February 14, 2020

MKultra history of Kędzierzyn Koźle in a nutshell

Video can be also seen at

3 of 3 Kedzierska kozla city and 4 individuals identified in local Lodz library

Video can be als seen at

2 of 3 Kedzierska kozla city and 4 individuals identified in local Lodz library

Video can be als seen at

1 of 3 Kedzierska kozla city and 4 individuals identified in local Lodz library

Video can be also seen at

Trump repeatedly told me(gestured) wanted someone to write him a biography - its what I(goat) would serve him for

Will be more and more disappointed I am afraid :)))

It was not Rick Perry who told Trump, "you are the chosen one" - Rick Perry only repeated words to Trumpet of someone as seen bellow

I cite Trump, "the more they laugh and repeat, the better I will be off"

When you purchase yourself a ticket to certain destination, you should in my opinion(stands)

just stay on that train. 

I will not offer you any transfer tickets. Not even discounts.

William and Harry saw several interests in crippling me

William saw interest in my future state of mental health which according to him would 100% deteriorate. He objected me with clear explanation of link between my becoming deliberately crippled/being and bullied after becoming crippled to mental health - according to him unavoidable. 

'Are they mean?' Donald Trump obsessed with badgers, new book claims

It wasn't with badgers only....

Donald Trump's hired MKultra staff members LOUDLY dreamed about my becoming pinned on wheelchair like Stephen Hawking...have repeatedly demonstrating me his photos over the years while angrily laughing at me...

Okay okay - we will see about that :))) 


The Trump's sanity games go on in Poland

where sorrounded with variety of nationalities and huge pallet of foreign store chains...

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Donald Trump bragged(complained) about youngest participant in MKultra to have undergone difficult surgery - that he had his people searching medical help(best as possible) for him

I cite Trump, "that didn't go well either with Poland...we barely saved him somehow...we had people searching for his care surgery all over Warsaw and you have no idea how difficult it was to get him help...yeah yeah"...

Buying cheap pierniki(pryanik) pastry in local pastry shop, comes with a huge price

Its same pastry shop - chain of shops supplied from same central factory and buying mentioned pastry on other locations doesn't represent any problems...but at this location(if with what was done to me - related to, don't even think about going in there...they even pointed me out(told me what case will be) a perpetrator guilty for this future crime against me - according to MKultra, it would be  again mentioned psychologist(I repeat words of her MKultra doppelganger liar, "they are not healthy and even expensive and I even told them to do this in this bakery if you will continue to but them there")...

Trump dreamed about doing same as the case is in Poland with Kaczynski

replacing all judges with his own pigeons. He seems is doing just that.

Note to dems...there will be no agreement between you and me till you hand me over(court marshaled by US Supreme court) Donald Trump and his kids(incl. Ivanka). I am and will be asking death penalty for all four. His wives, grandchildren not my concern(evil I saw it, you see it in daily life - is).

Henry Ford's cause of death - Hemorrhagic stroke(shown his photo million times times by Americans when brought to Poland was also told what my case will be)

If I were to make decision about life again, I would have never repeat mistake with US. Thank I can tell. What I got from one was much worse than slavery certificate. Impossible to even describe. Once 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Not so fast my friends...


second data cable destroyed within three days

upon gesturing individual about his cable problem, my cables are suddenly falling apart...I do have to be a bank and have employee working in spare parts department to fulfill criminal appetites of few individuals in this hostel. I was told case will be, but don't see how this benefits me in any way.

Wealthy billionaires who move from one marriage to another leaving behind unfinished jobs(ruined spouses and kids)

should be extra taxed(for every additional child to two children, their entire value should be taxed separately by the state as collateral insurance for society to cover the future costs of fiasco progeny). So they wouldn't present burrdains to societies as the case is lets say with Trump and few other insane cookies.

Michelle Obama opens up about ‘tough times’ that led her and Barack to marriage therapy

@Obamas...could you please not traumatize us ? This is what "DATING" exists for. Its where you get to know/match(hopefully) person's expectations.

MKultra- Recognized by market lady alone some 20 plus years back when repeatedly brought from USA to Lodz Poland for MKultra sessions...

Recognized by market lady alone some 20 plus years back when repeatedly brought from USA to Lodz Poland for MKultra sessions...

Video can be also seen at

MKultra- Couple from print copy shop recognizes me in Lodz from MKultra times memories go back all the way to 2003 2004

Video can be also seen at

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

MKultra I was recognized in Grotnikih as OBESE/FAT by Chechen Russian(USSR) from immigration center veteran lady and three other Grotniki individuals involved in MKultra identified

MKultra Recognized as OBESE/FAT(🐷👀🙈🙌|) by older Chechen Russian immigration veteran lady and three other individuals involved in MKultra identified. Polish gentleman(older man from Belarus) in my room in Grotniki's immigration center made even a child with lady from this area and has a small trailer not too far(perhaps 100 meters down the road) from immigration center :))) Goes back to 2003 or so. Many videos with proofs of MKultra on the way now :)))

MKultra - Grotniki's POLICE road closures in the past and identification of gentleman who participated in MKultra all the way back to 2003

Grotniki's police road closures in the past and identification of gentleman who participated in MKultra all the way back to 2003.

Video can be also seen at

US EMBASSY IN POLAND: Average cost for F35 plane - 146 MILLION US DOLLARS(about 50% more than what suggested should be on google)

Andrzej Duda's marriage extremely costly matter for Poland. Related to

Lets get to facts and what should be the case with Polish airforce according to my opinion:

Monday, February 10, 2020

While recording video today, camera shut down - telephone became overheated and message displayed it will turn off itself due to battery overheating

Everything is hacked. Another cable landed in trash can and so on so forth - yet it is the best place in the world right now. Identified(in many cases self identified) is almost entire hostel. From 1st floor to third and fourth...

Poland/Ukraine's biggest asset - FREEDOM FOR SALE

It was sign posted in my nose in Grotnikah - advertised by real estate company and yeah straight into my nose when subjected to MKultra with blah blah blalalala...

British man identified ten years back in MKultra time

24hours to get this 750mb file uploaded to internet.

The main human quality is ambition(don't forget where you were told about one) - kill one and you have nothing to worry about

Why hospitals, why own plane/why own car manufacturing/ why own high tech jobs which Poland and Ukraine need desperately when foreign money and foreign dreams are so much better.

Related to corruption

BILLIONAIRE CLUB AND WANNA BE ANDRZEJ DUDA EXCLUSIVE: Why F35 purchase so expensive and Mosbacher/Duda's personal relationship decades prior to Duda's presidency

Mr. Kaczynski was brainwashed by Mr. Trump sometimes in 1996/1997 into billionaire club's theory - club of selected people in US(all of them are selected neonazi KKK clansmen or simply have to comply with interests of deep US Government)
which would be rather used in the future when compared to open/free society trade. 

American neonazi circus wants to go on - their main concern is not elections or even Trump - its this truth right here

Public is quiet or silenced enough for biggest disgrace in American history to go on. Nazi government is picking between options to get coin spinning, but public trust is at this point dead.

I was Recognized along with American MKultra staff members back to 2003 right next door(perhaps 70 meters from hostel) to hostel in Lodz city

Video can be also seen at

In room not allowed to upload video and kitchen neither

Leaving computer in either of the two locations results in zero videos uploaded anywhere...don't ask why. Tried for over a night(since last night 1830 hours couldn't upload more than file in length 250mb - file with 750mb was retried 5 times) just to find several uploads incomplete. Yeah waste of time and life.

The youngest MKultra staff member participant who tested factory ordeal didn't escape surgery either

Yes yes(now bank employee in Warsaw) didn't escape spine surgery. Claimed me life became bearable(nothing compared to what it was) compared to hell he went through after ruining his spine in the factory. This was a young, talented college graduate(strong boy). Age probably 22/23 at the time. The most 24.