Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Henry Ford's cause of death - Hemorrhagic stroke(shown his photo million times times by Americans when brought to Poland was also told what my case will be)

If I were to make decision about life again, I would have never repeat mistake with US. Thank I can tell. What I got from one was much worse than slavery certificate. Impossible to even describe. Once 

Hemorrhagic stroke is increased with baking soda - and one was often times along other elements used in process in exaggerated doses when added to food supplies(I have found even toilet paper added to my coffee). Two and half years of SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS sound in my head(neighbor in Slovenia who started with crime against me speaks Polish and have learned to speak one right here in Zgierz/Lodz)....

Spine problems, and brain stroke related problems...they were playing with glasses during MKultra torture as well(Ms Bozena from Grotniki - a paraplegic on wheelchair connected to Duda/Kaczynski/Morawiecki demonstrated them to me, told me in advance will be crippled just like she is several months before crippling process started) its why my dioptry exploded in US within just few years.

I never wanted to know for Poland and Belarus - not even see either of the two on the map. Its how much I was repulsed|(disgusted with mistreatment) by the two in real time. With American torture in eastern Europe, one ceased to exist for me in my mind. Didn't want to return to my own country known as Slovenia for entire 12 years what probably is a world record heh...I was simply traumatized/disgusted with their betrayal. Family became worth to me less than nothing. This is what United States of America accomplished. ATTENTION - DEAD MAN WALKING !!! 

Yeah, much worse than slavery certificate...
Do you know this man !!???? No, I don...YES YOU DO(yelling at me) you know how he died !!???? No, I don' you will, by hemorrhagic stroke. You will remember will know him when time will come boy...

And what do you do when you have no place in world where betrayed on every step of the do like my previous supervisor in Zgierz have repeated me over the go where passports are not needed.

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