Sunday, May 16, 2021

Obama supporters UNDER NEW ADMINISTRATION shrinking fast - with nobody exempted from "COVID19"

Not so much about Trump or was/is it...

My veins were BURNED by laser sometimes in 2013/2015 by a Polish individual who came to Slovenia and performed work on the side

Work to harm was performed in a house in vicinity at request of perhaps even neighbor Dane Kolenc(with total approval of Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor who mouthed afterwards) always complained about his varicose veins...they now hurt sure.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Priest Janez Cerar involved in MK Ultra - theory about Pope Francis now valid as he called one to Slovenia(its why I know Francis was real Francis)

 I never ever make assumptions. Each step even if logical when it comes t mater as seen here, I double check. This parish(church) was given(assigned) to Mr. Janez Cerar as permanent station bye Pope Francis after renovation probably sometimes in 2003 - renovation finalized(he might got one even in 2005, but was completely renovated in 2003 - @Pope Francis...not 2005 as you proudly announced me during your visit there).

MK ULTRA - Worker, his ex boss killed with cross bow, AND company where the two used to work identified

Identified and confirmed are: Description of company interior where gentleman and his boss used to work and type of work he was employed in, important years for company, what boss looked like, pointed out man has a family...
Not confirmed yet: gentleman has wife and two sons now about age 20 and 18, description of house of his wife(I think he moved to her), renovation year of house and what house used to look like in the past, 
Video can be also seen at

Dead because one was unfit to face public scrutiny according to Agata Kornhauser-Duda and her hubby Andrzej Duda - such a big case

 Agata Kornhauser-Duda had her ways with mother - mentally tortured my mother with issues as per whether she wants to help me or not and conditioned mother with her views(what embarrassing not embarrassing is etc.) life of my father.

FORT CRIME: Trump's new add points out again at China - well, Donald Trump involved in hunger games in 1996/1997 also Chinese president Xi Jinping who since had his spine broken just as the case was/is with mine



Fort Trump(Poland), on the other hand, brokered(literately extorted foreign governments worldwide into NEONAZI cooperation and this included China) DEAL$$$$ based on Donald Trump's HUNGER GAMES in Poland.

Polish presidential couple Andrzej Duda and Agata Kornhauser-Duda both DEMANDED my father DEAD prior to public revelation about MK Ultra torture concerning my case

I take my words back in respect to Agata Kornhauser-Duda as is indiferent from her husband Andrzej Duda whom she alone acknowledged as insane at one point in their lives.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Milan Kučan(in my opinion) wouldn't be as efficient and HONEST with me at times as one was if he too wouldn't lobby for Putin

 He is one of those dudes I cite, "we had no choice but to cooperate with them against you since he tralalala against us"....related to 

Joe Biden already set trap for himself as I told you month ago case will be - he covered up for 26 years and got chance to finish final act known as END OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

 I told you one will drag US on its knees and step down

My case was pushed aside - sold out(reserved for final fall of America) by those "democrats" who collected lucrative contracts/deals and not only in Hollywood/politics/sports, but also in minority rights movement....tactic was simple yet effective - delay justice for so long that truth finds itself in a dead end street REGARDLESS EVEN OF HOW EVIDENT ONE BECOMES(once ability to use effectively justice system is gone, it doesn't matter how truthful and horrendous truth was/is because justice no longer can be implemented - tactic accomplished by involving via corruption most prominent figures from Dem. party used to condition corrupt views to broad party as in its best interest for one) to the degree when even I alone couldn't save country any longer....yup, we are waiting for Trump's return thats all.

For the same reason Milan Kučan stated me in 2003, he no longer would even attain public parties since

 Related to 

@Milan Kučan

 Še največ boš pa razložil zakaj je bilo potrebno zganjati pred partizanskimi spomeniki nasilje NAD MANO. To je bila popolnoma tvoja zasluga. L.P.

War of pills was war of Milan Kučan against Slovenia

 Related to 

@Kučan/Pahor - in this country is either you or myself and if it comes to the worst it will be my grave just as you have done to others, but for that cost you and yours will pay too.


Mother-father afraid of Kučan - Milan Kučan has private police department near his house

 Mom mentioned that police would appear infront of the house if I would talk about Milan Kučan....that I should leave things I can' solve...

Milan Kučan was OBSESSED with idea(prospect) to have cars sabotaged to people.

 He was the one with whom I would at times also visit Ljubljana used car market. I cite, "now we sold you a car and now lets get him car repaired hahahaha"....

Murgle - its where I was brought already in 1995 and declined in the face of all the politicians there to want to have anything to do with them

 Small artificial stream was built BECAIUSE of myself in Murgle. It was an ABANDONED project as was told(started one few years earlier and abandoned one), BUT because I liked water so much - project came back to life and was completed. "I" was only used by politicians as a pretense to get to state $$$$ for things they benefitted from. Still, stream was best investment Murgle ever committed itself too.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

MK ULTRA: How Buckingham palace antagonized me with forced unemployment in Slovenia via EU funds

Recognized and confirmed: Age of building, friendship of Vesna with girl participating informative self employment preparation program, Vesna admits to have been around building with friends for some time prior to official opening, Vesna recognized my knowledge of her husband(complete description of one) and his attempt to  move to Novo mesto 10 years ago - open office in the business building. Recognized guy from Kamnik as from him having confirmation about house in the past and him performing the type of work for at least ten years.
Video can be also seen at

Borut Pahor/Kaczynski's health related issues about how I would be used for eastern Europe to obtain latest medical breakthroughs/licenses is related to for which I have actual proofs - proofs in forms of audio recordings from people who met via this case career criminals you only hear about on TV and in some cases they alone got onto the wrong paths just to be caught. I was used by Buckingham palace as a test dummy - as a live bait for criminals and as a human experiment  test subject concerning health issues. SHAME ON BRITISH COMMERCE CHAMBER WHOM I HAVE OPENED DOOR TO EASTERN EUROPE - THERE IS NO SINGLE SELF EMPLOYED INDIVIDUAL(absolutely every corporation) IN GB THAT WOULDN'T GO THROUGH THIS CASE TO FILL HIS/HER POCKETS. Fill economy pockets via this very case and for be left at the end in a ditch for dead.

Health related threats crime stated above is more than credible. Based on audio recordings I obtained in respect to my being used as a bait for criminals and regular directed energy/biochemical attacks(poisoning - sine breaking procedure) which took place against me since 2017, it would be insane from my side to ignore one.

For what Pahor promissed me and other Slavic politicians is that I will live as long as West will continue to pay

 basically buy my life 

This issue concerns likewise Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki, Lech Walesa, Vladimir Putin, Aleksandar Vucic etc...I suppose this is how Jesus #2 was to be made(Trump poked fun at Jesus) as they were assisted by London crown/Berlin to whom they opened doors just to get to me. Those had business people(even after thrown out of US and denied the right to file for protection anywhere on West) follow up on me even in eastern Europe with "we will invest if you help this guy"(they knew about just how sick eastern European Hitlers were in respect to my case - Merkel laughed at their hatred)...

About Borut Pahor and his friends(company who had total oversight of my MK Ultra case and why I was institutionalized and much more)

 Criminal insisted is necessary to break me spine, infect me with cancer because this was the way for east to obtain FREE health care related medical technology from West. 

I cite Borut Pahor proud of Belgrade, "I did this already it works well its good...I have better solution than to simply kill him"...

It sure is what powered Krka pharmaceutical and far beyond - its what Belgrade obtained from West in respect to cancer disease issues...

Niti ni samo o temu da bi človek v tujini učil se samo tujce klet - je zverin v Sloveniji kakrčnih svet ne pomni samo da piščanci ki klekate pred njimi niste in ne boste name imeli nikakršnega vpliva.

NOT COINCIDENCE: In a deadly Jewish festival(Lag B'Omer) week which left at least 45 people dead/150 people injured, more than 1,000 rockets were fired from Gaza, targeting major cities and the main airport of Ben Gurion - what a way to express condolences/grieving with families who lost family members

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Judge NOW ALREADY Rules Derek Chauvin Could Face LONGER THAN NORMAL Sentencing Since He Treated George Floyd With ‘Particular Cruelty’

Ahhhhhaaaaaa....... afraid. Very very afraid.

TIMELESS卍: Faithful to the US constitution up to the moment they need to lie - time bomb USA(where big lie became the truth due to number of liars misrepresenting the constitution in US congress - on both sides of isle)

 The lie, however, becomes real problem when those outside of the palace buy one. Donald Trump will be back before you know just as I told you case will be. Related to

Texas officials back pardoning Floyd for 2004 drug arrest - Gov. 卍Greg卍Abbott卍 will have the final say.

In my view related to and as is related to their freedom(justice), their human rights and their way of lies.

“I think this is a phenomenal opportunity to fix a miscarriage of justice in George’s case,” Tera Brown, a cousin of Floyd, told commissioners before they approved the resolution. 

Texas officials back pardoning Floyd for 2004 drug arrest

HOUSTON (AP) — Top leaders in the Texas county where George Floyd grew up supported a resolution Tuesday calling for him to be posthumously pardoned for a 2004 drug arrest by a former Houston police officer now facing murder charges in a separate case.

When filing for political asylum in Canada during 2009, Canadian immigration officers demanded for me to return to Canada and bring over to Canada few thousand Dollars as a guarantee - then failed to follow with official protocol as required, had me waste almost whole day at crossing point and

 Failed to assist in Vancouver very next day and I suppose waited to see if I would return back in the morning alive - was approached twice at night by what appeared as classic robbers.

Russia now(openly enters with Russian military occupied by what used to be known as "Russian separatists regions") concentrates 37,500 troops in occupied territories of UKRAINIAN Donetsk and Luhansk - clearly is about Russian war on Ukraine not separatism in case that is not bad enough since one involved ethnic cleansing/genocide against Ukrainians and Ukrainian Tatars

Russia concentrates 37,500 troops in occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Russia has concentrated 37,500 troops, more than 480 tanks, 720 artillery systems and 673 air defense units in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This was stated by the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, Ukrinform reports.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Why British royals have done absolutely everything for me to hate them

 Because they first ensured I would state what their financial pledge(obligation) along German, American governments was to this MK Ultra case. 

Princess Anne upon torturing me for days at the time(same as Phillip would), figured out on how I am dangerous and can't be trusted around

Americans laughed when stating and reminding me of deadly plot I commenced against her(DRUGGED UP AS IT GETS) with her servants of which in this case was man as seen on screenshot - her close confidant. 

These people are criminal schizophrenics themselves.


 Is GREAT BRITAIN - BRITANNIA. This is where you are 100% DEAD. 100x times faster than even in Russian homeland and - killed in United Kingdom not even in Russia as Russian. London sens also own people to die in Russia in same way - or in Poland unexplained...

RUSSIANS IN UNITED KINGDOM ARE MURDERED BY MI5 - NOT PUTIN, BUT PER PUTIN: British Prince Michael caught strangling Russian resistance to new neonazi gangster/mafia(aka Romanov) state

Caught with pants down and what I claimed on here(have described all - the took military technology blueprints to Kremlin to start war against Ukraine - eastern Europe, so they could play entire world the way they want - including Russia) for no less than 8 years.
Forget about gold trade - its all about wasted lives of remaining Lenin's democratic ideas which ROMANOVS(gangster clan from Russia) despised so much in their eagerness to kill whatever remained human in enslaved Russian population which at the time lived to eat potatoes before dyeing in endless suicidal(betrayed time and again and tutored how to kill own people all over Russia) wars which they fought against Germans(Romanovs were ethnically German with a bit of English). Vladimir Putin was PROUD of his great relation with British royals(boy, he boasted about it - he incited few and assisted them to become criminals and collected approval from Russian state on his new effective tactics abroad on what he also cleaned out what turned over the years into decimated opposition - he would only, here and then, to protect royals from public suspicion sent few of his people to cruise island and that was it) as those who tried to escape his back stabbings made it only to die in agony on crazy island per his orders. The difference between them and regular gangsters was/is the size of operation - its where/when state stands behind actions firmly or even goes against them. 

The royal code / turn every human being into brain chipped obedient plants who would think whenever and whatever told to think. Plants who would live seldom exceeding legal retirement age(preferably homeless under the bridge at age 40 and up this avoid social responsibilities/waste of any kind) thus leading the world financially where workers otherwise are entitled to health care and retirement till you suffocate them all via corruption/division/ wars.

Queen's first cousin allegedly trading on links to Putin and monarchy, UK media report

Its not and never was problem for evil to invest billion or billions where those never grew/grow - this concept never ever was a problem for those who do just that and there is plenty money for stated - make no mistake

 The problem(money) becomes a real problem when something is growing out of despair and in DESPITE - they created...this is where/when real problem begins.

Germans even discussed about my HAVE TO PURCHASE NEW TABLET because he whoever will break your computer and next one too you will buy but wouldn't destroy you tablet

 Such a good new technology that will come out will be a fan that will go out hahah specially if I see you having any dirt on table dra dra dra...promised stated as soon as computer would sell and as one did few days ago here we are...I have told already what scenario will be.

@UN - and what is the purpose of your existence to this world !!????

Sunday, May 9, 2021

More people identified and I thank all

 Sad day for me - regardless.

Slovenian Manager from Ljubljana also involved in MK Ultra(I identified one thanks to his ex worker who adhered his boss) was killed for fun with crossbow in 1996

 Nobody was ever charged for this political assassination for which some in company alone didn't hide mentioned ambitions(they threatened me too and leadership was replaced with all new fresh from those who represented Belgrade/Moscow during which opportunity I was also briefed in the face on how things were) - up to date. He became an enemy of Belgrade and Moscow due to his light completion and pro Slovenian views.

Mr. Tutin was murdered(aka "died") in 2004 from what I have heard today

 Slovenian with classic Russian DNA whom I have at request of Putin and his team refused to acknowledge as an enemy in 1995/1996 and have eye witnessed Russian brainwash perished long time ago. His last name was Tutin what closely also resembled name Putin. Russians were scared of him because of stated above as hell. His political views were also as Russian as it gets...

Jeremy Clarkson Alfa Romeo GTV6 - told me bought upon return from Poland(they got him deal - Charles did)

I supposedly was at his purchase deal - remember he had me at some car purchase in 1997 or so...sp probably that was it. Pope Francis favorite used to be Toyota Avensis - Caravan(am not saying no longer is - during his younger days). I think he got one in either Menchester or Birmingham.  Kind owner who sold him that car...

Saturday, May 8, 2021

MK ULTRA - Friend involved in MK Ultra Trska Gora and few others along his sister identified

Message here is I thank you to all of you who rushed to help me.

Video can be also seen at 

Auto show by Top Gear dedicated to me personally - reserved for my return from Poland to Slovenia for which it was anticipated car purchase

Thank you to Jeremy Clarkson(involved in MK Ultra since 1995 and one of the nicest people) and his dedicated fans(seen right in this video) that met him over the years via this very case - yup, I am not crazy and all of people seen in his video here were involved in MK Ultra.

It was Saturday or Sunday evening in Philadelphia/perhaps even New York city where we arrived day/two earlier from Arizona direction once again in 2002(I think)

Finally telephone rang and well familiar voice asked if there was anything else we needed/would come handy..."rain coat as is raining like hell here" I was transported to airport and on Sundays since all stores were closed down due to also hour latency, only one store did favor to someone well known and have sold him a really expensive raincoat complete(jacket and pants). Price, I think was $250 what few can told me yesterday, there is old raincoat in boiler room...

Friday, May 7, 2021

@"princes" Harry/William

 How many more will have to die because of your "mommy's death"(its behind whose death you are hiding your political greed which demanded and demands more and more human casualties/hatred) !!????? Asking this because honest to God, you are the insanest mentally sickest duo next to your daddy(uncle) and grandma in the world. 

RAIN OF NUCLEAR BOMBS IS NOT JUST RADIOACTIVE RAIN: Will China sent SS Queen Elizabeth to the bottom of the sea upon entering China sea - have China already prepared a resting place on the bottom of the ocean floor(LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION) for this newest state of the art soon to be pile of junk metal - excellent place for coral/fish

Hostility against Asian culture in US is never been as high as is now and Bidens/Trumpets bark on one for the cost of own violations of international peace and human rights treaties openly like never before...can they sink entire island !!???? They look less threatening too - I wonder how many are there parked along British coastline...

MK ULTRA(epeated) - I identify ex Slovenian state employee involved in MK Ultra with even pointing out how state replaced her

Video can be also seen at


 I point out education(university degree level and type of degree), her brother/sister status with someone that moved into same household, year when her sister/husband whom I described moved out of household and where(new house and location), how building where she was employed as a state employee in ministry was renovated(I describe type of renovation/area) and year of renovation, and how state replaced her with another employee - BIG THANK YOU GIRL !!!


Her home office description where in the house.


What can I say - thank you so much for your contributions to this case known as "saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing" built entire career on on it

USA IS A MAJOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR(domestic and international): Everyone in America(incl. 6th grade girl age 12 who became latest mass shooter) is INSANE - the only one SANE IN AMERICA TODAY are royals from London and other parts of Europe who immigrated to US recently and are fighting even on US soil for their foreign royal titles

With country so insane, world is in grave danger. You are all bound for MU MU LAND.
Is not difficult to observe who is running the show and for whom.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

MK ULTRA - I identify ex Slovenian state employee involved in MK Ultra with even pointing out how state replaced her

Video can be also seen at


 I point out education(university degree level and type of degree), her brother/sister status with someone that moved into same household, year when her sister/husband whom I described moved out of household and where(new house and location), how building where she was employed as a state employee in ministry was renovated(I describe type of renovation/area) and year of renovation, and how state replaced her with another employee - BIG THANK YOU GIRL !!!


Her home office description where in the house.

On Tammy Wynette

One of the earliest MK Ultra casualties(something I was also blamed for and what I sincerely regret took place - not because it would be my fold as was not, but because she deserved better just as you all do in US and she fought for all of us) was death of Tammy Wynette on April 6, 1998 - they really didn't liked her(it was rather personal) and did somehow convinced her daughter to keep mouths shut or as was told would be otherwise...was offered some money and that was it.

For every MK Ultra proof I post online, my email box is flooded from employers where I submitted job application with NO answers

 Funny how Slovenian psychiatrists involved, demanded from me to apply and apply regardless for jobs...and they discussed often times "toxic"...they use whatever they can out of victim positive with idea to throw at one back negative and basically buy time to enemy. 

Buckingham palace with help of Biden/Trump organised entire pro royalist movement inside of the Hollywood with idea to turn one into monarchy and have one annexed to United Serfdom #2

 Harry with help of Biden/Trump organised entire pro royalist movement inside of the Hollywood(visited USA already decade and half REGULARLY prior to what official main stream media news announced his purchases/employment in USA was founder of mental health company where he became a CEO) and sports as few see themselves already as American princes/dukes/royals....

Joe Biden's agenda was built on a play with hope during still what was Trump's presidency - platform once he would win election used for me for me to continue to tolerate violence till one would sworn in officially on what Biden demanded extra 100 days in the name of cleanup(still wouldn't be "capable" to do anything for me) and in between

 once sworn in Biden insisted on my taking job even in Sevnica(Melania Trump's hometown) where father worked - insisted for me to make deal with Trump and have thrown also a whole barrage of mental abuse at me which he latter brought to life via main stream media(anywhere Jill biden's speech to Hispanic community with "si se puadue" to falling on stairways to Aiforce1, and so on - whole list of gaffes during which some serious problems amounted against me in real life and deep into his presidency).

Wall-nuts recently purchased(perhaps three weeks ago/month) at Eurospin switched with walnuts containing poisonous fungus Aspergillus flavus

Bought today another three bags of walnuts and came to discovery(when comparing previous "purchase" with today' purchase) after recent walnuts placed on table jar differed very much from previous consumption of walnuts which was purchased at the same time and sound(blood pressure alike - most likely related to poisoned gland nodes) commenced ringing even more. This tricks with Aspergillus flavus repeated each time jar loaded with walnuts was coming toward end with walnuts... in a plane and simple language its called poisoning.

Philippines tells fishermen to ignore fishing moratorium imposed by China since 1999 - tells fishermen to ignore Beijing's summer fishing ban on fishing in South China Sea

 PHILIPPINES(ALL ISLANDS - no continent and with even what is known as Philippine sea) HAS A DIFFERENT FROM MORATORIUM(used to protect fish) AGENDA. Not about fish anymore, but who can steal fish from whom first...


Note at the same time, British insist on blocking French fishing boats from entering its territorial waters for what I believe is a psychological pressure on China with idea to get one aboard of greater neonazi plan(I suggest Philippines to be vary of Western practices from the past which way too often demonstrated pressures as seen here to be used only to obtain desired goals - once they reach agreements, West often turned boat for 180 degrees and let bigger swallow smaller - war between Britain and France is in my opinion fake and nothing more than used for psychological purposes).

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines has rejected an annual summer fishing ban imposed by China in the disputed South China Sea and encouraged its boats to keep fishing in the country's territorial waters.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Identified was involved in MK Ultra procedure old co worker from Novoteks and his past employers. Video in which I point out even dates of business contracts his new employer obtained via this case not only how certain employees(like himself as an example) involved in case obtained new employments

Video can be also sen at
Machines from Novoteks almost certainly did went to Poland. Also one more dot(point) on second hiking trail politicians used was identified.

I will stop bye at mentioned employers(even Novoteks wise) to get confirmation about stated...@Joško - 100x buhlonej ;)

About your US president Joe Biden - 5th US president involved in case against me(case during which two presidents served two terms while Biden dwelled at the top of the US Gov. ever-since)

 He once lost temper in this very room as I rejected one/acknowledged him as a MK Ultra loser and stated me under MK Ultra I cite, "you don't think they can kill you right here while sleeping on the floor well they will you will see boy"...

I will let Helle Bjorklund(involved in MK Ultra case perhaps from day 1) off the hook as she when compared to ALL others didn't differ in a negative way

I was mad because of approach she used(would walk inside of Miami store where she provocated in-front of my ex-wife with idea for me to talk about it - its what made me assume that she wants me dead actually since I rejected to go public at all costs till 2008/2009), but I must thank her and Daniel Anderson for popping up on the picture in 2010 when in Norway endlessly searching for employment. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Neighbor also successfully breaks phone by slitting(cutting) phone pouch on the side - trick repeated to Sergei from MK Ultra

 Last night one flew all over the stones while on night walk - using one as a flashlight...just as Sergei(was demonstrated under MK Ultra), I too made assumption one will not open wide as fast as it did. Nice job. Thats LCD screen because all phones(3 of them) also came without protective glass on them. Something yet I have to find out about if it supposed to come as...

Neighbor Dane Kolenc slits second pair of Wiko Y60(original) headphones just as one promised would do if I would mention criminal

 Enters during my absence yet again room in parents'(notice I don't state even "mine") house and repeats his side procedures which he shared along Andrej Uhl over the years - second neighbor whose best friend also was knife. I know so because one promised.

Fake Trump/fake just as your fake democratic activists and FAKE human rights

 @United States of America since you talk about human rights in US alone these days - your human rights, human rights that went/go whichever way you wanted your way for no less than 26 years now, but status you gave me in meanwhile to me personally was/is the one bellow the animal - its why I also know(not only because of your claims under MK Ultra on how I will be capable to do nothing about it as it touched human rights issues) your human rights issues of today and last few years during Trump's presidency were/are based on tho$$$$$e who assigned you and myself human rights in the past....they are FAKE. Fake Trump/fake just as your fake democratic activists and FAKE human rights

Number of proofs(quantity) only demonstrates THE DEGREE of crime - size(influence) of the criminal circle

 Nothing more. As to normal circumstances, less than a single video I presented should justify police to exercise nature of its work against perpetrators. Thats all. 

As far as expectations of Pollacks for this case

 Two days ago, workers celebrated May 1st and so worldwide. Because of what too place against me in Poland in 2019, I acknowledge Polish state as attempt to undermine workers' rights(not only human rights) in most despicable criminal way possible. I further acknowledge Borut Pahor/Milan Kučan/ Lech Walesa(already accepted bribe in US) as people who insisted on workers rights values for all the wrong reasons - not only they knew about Polish spine breaking procedure financed by Western $$$$ circles eager to undermine entire humanity, but have further incited(brainwashed) into spine breaking thus violating international treaties/laws and everything Yugoslav federal state pushed in my head in respect to workers rights personally(others too) during times called "socialism". Pollacks from PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. also had other to me personally related problems such as "dating" issues...

These criminal practices demonstrate clearly THE presence of severe mental illness inside of mentioned company and Poland posing as a major threat to civilization.

I am a human being first - meaning I demand to be treated as one. Then everything else.

@US Democrats

 I wasn't gonna do this, but apology to me is a good start - I don't play Dwayne Johnson/Biden ticket and I left you plenty space to do the right thing you failed with idea to exhort with MK Ultra diarrhea. Failure to issue me one will probably result in your not gonna even see US elections in 2024. I'll just start to release whatever made even my father permanently urinate in pants(ask Tyson about that one as one was mentor to Serena Williams) - it will be your end for good.

From what I was told case will be, Derek Chauvin will disappear very soon after sentence and if somehow one is not gone - US Democratic party will be

 Related to

Sunday, May 2, 2021

@Brad Pitt and US Government

Do you remember this uncle !!????? I will give you a free clue - 1998 was possibly second in life trip for him and on that occasion with me to China(nope not on my own, I was brought on that occasion also from US via MK Ultra procedure to city of Novo mesto and from there to C.)...

BIDEN'S NEONAZI POLITIC NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM TRUMP: Britain to send largest Carrier Strike Group since Falklands/Malvinas war to South China Sea

It could be British love German Battenbergs inside of Buckingham palace and not what I gestured - I don't see what I see how otherwise would be a case for British pushing war issues forward so far from home. Its a great way to hide real British character which may not be so different from their island neighbors which bombarded them in WWII and real question is where are they heading with fleet next. Africa as final destination/mid East where more bombardment needs to be done !!????
Truth about real Britain which subjected humanity into slavery since ages is surfacing back and German Sheppard loyally supports one. 

@Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton

 If you were tortured as you claimed have been, why did you subjected me to all types of psychological and even physical torture !!???? Is that how you found cure for your traumas - torturing/humiliating and degrading threatening other victims of domestic abuse(far worse than yours too) and even government torture !!???

LETS GET BACK TO THE MATTER: Ex police officer(now security officer) who went to Poland(Zgierz/Lodz) on Trump's hunger games identified

Video can be also seen at or 

Its a NORMAL for me to receive upon each completion of something important a slap in the face from family leased for criminal purposes even by US Government. Whatever it takes(@Joe Biden rotten filthy scum of the scum is what you are with your uglier than ugly democratic neofascist hateful Hollywood clowns). Related to

To Slovenian orangutans inside of the Slovenian parliament - nobody will go to Budapest where even car was stolen from free parking lot in 2017, then vandalized(broken) wherever stored, and brought home as such after higher than value of the car ransom was paid to Hungarian government

 I remember all these - "your last opportunity" is what I was told under MK Ultra in 2015/2017. 

Its 1 investigative police officer I need -everyone will find within proofs I collected a reasonable suspicion on which prosecution will follow up all the way to the top of UN(they have people in UN with police badges who will ask top UN people about involvement in case) and then down to local governments.

António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations INVOLVED IN THIS VERY MK ULTRA CASE SINCE 1996

 Stated here tells all needs to be told. I am not gonna waste my words on him or others for that matter. Far prior to him becoming anyone on international stage, Guterres/hiswife involved in this case. Goes far back to Portugal. Perhaps even 1995.

VOTING RECOUNT COMING UP NEXT: Biden is taking America down the toilet - new "recounts" on rigged(Trump didn't get even 15%, but all that matters not) will take place soon

This will also be a final one for USA just as Joe Biden have stated me. The man who is into Celtic culture/Odinism.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

I have come to realization job wise

 that mental health issues Slovenian government branded me with, have placed me on lowered me bellow animal. Causing me spine injury, even on level bellow animal is how I feel. For that matter, I will immediately report case to Slovenian police - restart whole police procedure/not wait for any international community etc. as brainwashed..

For May 1st, Joe Biden had another specialty in his sleeve

 but one also failed just as other attempts to destroy me. His special for today was very sophisticated one and involved fishing issue as pike was closed for fishing withing past few months...while father rattled withing his fishing rods all this time, mom incited and bagged me for fishing trip which this time involved safety jacket issues, carrying motor engine to boat through steep bank and then back, as well as all other equipment just to be stupefied(humiliated) via MK Ultra torture which previously took place. 

Well, Joe Biden told me about his preference to get read of me withing his 100 days of presidency during MK Ultra - tried to do so via dirty play about which I didn't even publish anything as I didn't want to get condemned from people who would otherwise assume that it was my fold for him rejecting me assistance - I gave criminal involved in my case for over 26 years instead(for this very reason) another two and half months during he failed to act. 

Joe Biden trusted me during MK Ultra on my question on how he will get read of me that for that matter he has Vladimir Putin ;) he was proven honest(I don't assume based on MK Ultra - I act according to what I notice/compare).

@Psychiatrist Peter Kapš

 Tell your honey and children about your children and black haired beauty in Belgrade you left behind. There was a few that you tested, but you finally settled for her ;) you finally got whatever you were looking/choosing for so long in city for which you stated you wouldn't mind one as a replacement for Novo mesto(I guess whole thing).

Ask top United Nations officials why UN was established for(ask them about #1 purpose or role of the United Nations)

 At least ask them(Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres and World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom) as journalists - ask them if they feel agency today serves its purposes. Sadly enough, my grandfather was also one of the United Nations representatives(was asked to be - at request of people) upon ed of the WWII.

Facebook account is back online

 Just saying.

THANK YOU JOE BIEDEN: Ghislaine Maxwell appears with bruised face in first picture from New York prison


It becomes evident that there is no essential difference between Biden and Trump. Ask Biden how much Buckingham palace paid him on the side(via contracts present of in future or in whichever form of payment). Ask him also why she is not allowed to sleep and why he enjoys physical/mental torture on people. Joe Biden = 26 years of cover-up on the top of the US Government. What Trump was doing and taking to American people, he was doing so Joe can "give" and so on. Its a blind justice(rather call it a justice that politic - a democracy if you like) like this. Bye bye more proofs and just perhaps even an innocent life. 

Also just because something is written all over main stream media(hollow world) it doesn't necessary means on how things are in actuality - see this case-my own case and compare one with Western reality.


Ghislaine Maxwell was according to MY EYE ACCOUNT for many many years side lover(side lover if nothing younger was available at the given opportunity sense) of Andrew Battenberg of Buckingham palace and I am not mistaken about it - she started with Jeffrey and was like that till 1997 on what Andrew switched side with Jeffrey.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

MK ULTRA FACTS - Slovenian guys from Novo mesto who also participated Trumps hunger games in Poland(Zgierz to be exact)

Video can be also seen at or

MK ULTRA - 2 of 2 Second most attractive to politicians hiking trail in area of Novo mesto Slovenia identified

Friend of Sergei from Belarus, however, told me in 2017 that older Honda Civic he made an arrangement with private owner from Krsko area(route to his Evrosad job), no longer is option for him as he entered management - he pointed in possibility of buying himself even a newer and new car...
Video can be also seen at 

MK ULTRA - 1 of 2 Second most attractive to politicians hiking trail in area of Novo mesto Slovenia identified

Video can be also seen at

The President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, CONDEMNS chetnik Balkan border changes ideology which "Slovenian" and Serbian politicians attempted to push down the throats to Bosnian federation

 Macedonia(Northern Macedonia) warns about possibility of second blood bath on Balkans requests for more European Union presence - rejects any border changing ideology.

Yugoslavia was the state where nationalism(should never ever become a case since country was founded on ideas of solidarity and equality - founded on socialism and brotherhood of all republics for the sake of preservation of its people within unity) became ultimate instrument used for survival of its people once Serbs begun to engage with open warfare(to ethnically cleanse out) against all other nationalities. There is a huge difference between nazism and nationalism and Russia/Serbia whose politic is enforcement of one against others via its politics know it very well.

Regardless, we Slovenes MUST NOT ALLOW no one to orchestrate crime on streets of Slovenia as the case was in Ukraine nor allow anyone as case was with Czechs/Slovaks to hijack/abduct our Slovenian people with idea to denigrate them in-front of international society for the sake of their business deals

 They even crippled or got killed in some cases own people with idea to cover-up crime against me(blame conscious weapon) - idea they came up with to use in the future as an excuse.

Would sent Czech and Slovak governments a protest note too in respect to NEONAZI Putinism which their governments implemented in Ukraine against Ukraine

 Their behavior all too much reminds of war

I hope Ukrainian government responds to neonazi provocations(may be organised even by Russians in Ukraine) with thorough investigation in respect to "Galychyna Division" commemoration in Kyiv

 Related to I further call for Ukrainian nationalists to condemn any neonazi movement in Ukraine as one was used in the past to destroy Ukraine and in present to cloud Ukrainian reality on international stage which Russia already used as a pretext for attack on Donetsk as well as Crimea - Russia organised in Ukraine fake nazi commemorations or have used own activists who meddled in celebrations(blended in normal crowds agents who carried on display nazi signs with idea to depict them all as nazis) by displaying nazi signs for world to get wrong idea about those. 

Call for Ukrainian nationalists to accent the difference between nazism and nationalism which on West neonazi machinery also is trying to equalise with nationalism - national traditions, folklore, language, names, and people alone that belong to certain country are not nazi trades as main stream media is trying to brainwash with, but instead national characteristics which every nation on globe has the right too(its what bothered Hitler and Stalin the most when those attempted to delete nations).

My Facebook account disabled, but was told case will be prior to government admission into MK Ultra crime

 I will never ever use word "recognition" as brainwashed...and would care less for individual who would use term "recognition".

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

MK ULTRA: I have audio proof(confirmation) about two other Slovenians involved in MK Ultra in Poland(Zgierz) - proof about what I stated went on in Poland in respect to hunger games during which many suffered spine injuries

 Possibly even third person what makes 3 individuals as 100% confirming stated in respect to hunger games in Poland and possibly fourth one...

NO BOSNIAN FEDERATION TERMINATION FOR CHETNIKS: United States Department of State REJECTS bizarre Slovenian chetnik proposition in respect to Bosnian border changes -


Slovenian proposition(which is bye the way anti Slovenian as it gets - idea here is to destroy Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia and not Bosnia alone) about resolution of Bosnian federation didn't find as Mr. Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor(claimed me - brainwashed me under MK Ultra case would be if those would issue with Janez Janša open request statement for termination of Bosnia) claimed me is an accord with European Union and US in respect to Bosnia which they have made in advance - I know so because both REJECTED the type of manipulation(speculation paranoia) which Slovenian chetniks learned to implement from their mentors in Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia - type of psychological warfare used to mass(broad) convince targeted population on how to view reality as. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

In making of this love story, over 2000(it was more - minimum is what this number represents) death threats was issued to me over the course of MK Ultra procedure

 Probably far more than 2000(perhaps even double the number)...

Pollacks contemplated next on my life after Poland in Slovenia

 They had problem with it - if they could have(insisted me to keep silent about Poland as per nation involved in crime or it would be otherwise), they would kept silent about one but did figured out silence will not do as Truth about what went on in Poland was/is abundant - not from myself only, but multiple other sources. Related to 

Pollacks insisted in 2008/2010 that I would obtain Polish disability retirement based on crippling via employment in Poland - it will be a form of help Kaczynski/ Andrzej Duda/ Morawiecki/ Walesa and others insisted

 Reality is that after crippling via employment in 2019, it was time for Poland to move to next issue in line - use previous MK Ultra spine X-rays to LIE ABOUT WORST POSSIBLE CRIME. Push via job market onto next work position with idea to cripple more(involved as next was electronic parts sales company where I was instead moving heavy cables). Its also why I know Polish hospital Marii Skłodowskiej Curie in Zgierz(not only criminal employer) FAKED LIED COMMITTED SECOND offense crime in respect to deliberate crippling.

There is a Russian doctor in Novo mesto as was reminded yesterday by 75 y.o. Slovenian veteran

 but let me complete - he is Putin's tool as Putin alone explained me. Yes, he was involved in MK Ultra from quite early stages...

MK ULTRA YESTERDAY - Identified at Jelše next to Otočec a graffiti which involved foreigners and two local girls who came bye(they would meet me since 1995/1996 when brought to Slovenia) - live in houses next to this overpass A2

 Took videos/photos of graffiti, but American of Hispanic origins had locals create picture and write his name on wall with idea to hide his presence/intent and remind(communicate his message to locals) locals of his visit and what he preferred from them in respect to my case...little did Hamilton and David(David was Israeli) knew what this case was in reality all about.

MK ULTRA YESTERDAY - Identified at Otočec were two young Slovenian gentleman involved in MK Ultra and their parents/grandparents - told to not play audio by young chetnik Serb who also participated

 Concerns Straža area. Ultra violent Serb who was pushed out of case due to his violence(has house next to road in Straza) whose child(also just like his father displayed under MK Ultra violent thuggish behavior) learned about this case ordered me yesterday when in presence of two other kids to not play audio. 

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps also became a pioneer champion in my MK Ultra case thanks to whom i figured out ECT was used in Slovenia

 That goes to year 1997/1998 in our attic area when brought to US when for the first time I became aware that ECT machines(electroshocks were implemented) were used on me ;)

MK ULTRA YESTERDAY - Identified were Slovenian gentleman involved in MK Ultra as far as to 1995 from Novo mesto city who also was in Poland

 Got surprise yesterday when I identified first Slovenian departure to Poland(not confirmed yet and psychiatrist Kaps had problems with it - contemplated on conditioning his involvement in case with his chetnik ideology) - key here is Slovenian and its what went into the nose of "Slovenian" politicians badly badly badly during MK Ultra and so badly that those threatened(even that I insisted during MK Ultra for the 99.99% of the time to want to have nothing to do with MK Ultra, time when told stated here resulted in my insisting on MK Ultra as to bring one all the way to the end) to end one as it wouldn't be good for Slovenians to get involved in it or to have any grip on the situation whatsoever. Gentleman also has a daughter(not confirmed yet) which idea to marry sometimes in 1999 I declined and what insulted both. 

CONFIRMED: I pointed out proximity of his "house"(really are apartment where he stays), since it was not house I told him where in apartment building his apartment was/is located, color of his car he had and what one looked like more or less(it was not red Citroen AX, but instead red Renault 5), workplace as Renault(IMV) in Novo mesto - he traded one for security officer position in what I think was Krka pharmaceutica thanks to this case but this is not confirmed yet...

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps operated between Belgrade and Ljubljana also as my delivery man on numerous occasions since 1999 if not earlier - father became in his hands just a crazy tool

 who he barely used to trust father even that one was as crazy as it gets during his adventures in Serbia. 

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps is a proven pro Serbian chetnik extremist who also incited in crime for the sake of Serbia. He tried to get me aboard of same train he involved father into it. He involved father into it by insisting one on how two families are old Novo mesto families and as such will help one another so on...not exactly(almost, but not exactly so) so. Dreamed loudly during his verbal life threats about if he would have too, he would trade Novo mesto for city for city in Serbia and am sure you understand what that meant - it was same with Mitja Veber/Weber(niece's husband) and I cite, "will then come back or my children lalalala"...

Monday, April 26, 2021

Nobody was brainwashed via MK Ultra more than my father - they move him fro one issue to another

 He visited today(supposedly) a Croatian neurologist in Novo mesto. Regardless if I cite Croatian and German governments in 2010, "we don't get involved in it any more because either way we get knife in the back".

Sunday, April 25, 2021

MK ULTRA - One of earliest families involved in MK Ultra identified on Trska Gora Meckovec Novo mesto city

Video can be also sen at
Identified and all confirmed were her weekend vineyard house ownership, presence of her husband in her weekend vineyard house, daughter issue, her level of education and her profession as educated for(economist who works along accountants), husband's level of education, her place of previous employment and fact she moved onto another location, type of the house she owns in the city(Meckovec) and fact that she owns one(her husband does and one is not same as her father's house), height and weight of her husband, and probably more.

Trump accuses LeBron James of being ‘racist’ and ‘divisive’

ANYONE(as long as non white) accused by Donald Trump of being racist, should feel great about himself/herself as bigger IDIOT NEONAZI RACIST BIGOT when compared to Donald Trump never ever served USA as president - up to date since declaration on 4 July 1776 and that makes the country 244 years old as of today. UP TO DATE.

There was a very bad stuff that took place against me from the opposite side of Donald Trump, but it was Trump who encouraged one against me via his apparatchiks(henchmen) who encouraged all forms of abuse against me regardless of individual's background - anywhere from Hollywood/sports and often times even rich kids/poor kids issue...anything to seal my faith and faith of America. Main Trump's target via my case was war against minorities who he instigated me against and whom he instigated against me.

  • Former President Trump said LeBron James was "racist" and "divisive."

  • It came after the basketball star tweeted a response to the police killing of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

I am not shocked about anything - its how is done on West and someone has to pay for it all

From so called "human rights" to other issues proven here like never before. Crystal clear what all is about.

On Bosnian question too, I was most severely brainwashed and conditioned on how to see things as - same as when it came to Azerbaijan

 They wanted to create a total scapegoat out of me in front of international community whatever is they suggested one against me on the first place as I did displayed under MK Ultra signs of hostility and against Azerbaijanis and Bosnians - well, MK Ultra has nothing to do with reality and the one prevailing in one is the one who has stronger grip(is the first one) on victim. Mr. Milorad Dodik set next to me whenever brought to this very house in Slovenia and observed even my facial reactions from meter distance while having others brainwash me...he too is nothing more than a war criminal. 


 sem hotel da Slovenija vstopi v EU in NATO leta 1995(in od tedaj). Danes je gospodič predsednik Slovenije. Napisano v Slovenskem jeziku za vsakogar da razme. In to ne tepen enkrat ampak na kar nekajkrat - leta 2012(po 17 letih mrcvarjenja z postopkom MK Ultra) pa v umobolnici Ljubljana Polje obtožen naklepanja genocida proti Slovenskemu narodu.

Mr. Mustafa Cerić properly acknowledges MILAN KUČAN AS A FULL TIME CHETNIK in an open letter to one

 Kučan came out clearlz as chetnik possibly could in respect to Bosnia and Herzegovina few days ago when one gave full public consent(called Bosnian people to give in) to notorious Slovenian criminal Janez Jansa(white guards who supported Donald Trump nazism openly - more than even in USA) who publicly suggested for Bosnia to be just split-divided rather than kept as whole and as such entering NATO


"Tudi ti, prijatelj Kučan? Z lepimi pozdravi v času Ramazana, ko počivamo bosansko telo, da nahranimo bosansko dušo. Poskusite razumeti naše bosansko sporočilo – ne ugriznite prevelikega kosa, ki ga ne morete pogoltniti. Zadavili se boste!"

"You too, friend Kučan? With nice greetings during Ramadan, when we rest the Bosnian body to feed the Bosnian soul. Try to understand our Bosnian message - don't bite too big a piece that you can't swallow. You'll choke!"


 Donetsk and Crimea both are part of Ukraine(tanks didn't stop on Russian side, but on occupied part of Ukraine to be precise about situation on which media tries to mislead us - we have therefore Western media takin Putin's side again here as was not enough to arm Russia only) and EU must do its best to assist Ukraine against neonazi Russian aggression on Ukraine which commenced in 2014(7 years ago)- media tries to tell you different(I TOLD YOU THIS IS WHAT CASE WILL BE WITH MUTUAL CONSENT OF WEST) as 

Crimea is Ukraine and so is Donetsk.

Friday, April 23, 2021

MK Ultra Šempeter Novo mesto(yesterday pitch dark at night) - identified Croatian(possible even Serbian) family from either Bosnia or Croatia

 Father purchased home in Novo mesto city because of me in 1998 I think. I didn't get any confirmation just yet on this account. Has a beautiful daughter who also went to Ljubljana to complete her university degree...

MK Ultra Trska Gora: identified yesterday friend lady(as early as in 1995) for whom I was certain was to become my wife in city of Novo mesto

 It turned out she was happily married already prior to 1994, but...I managed to point out she had a daughter she also played with under MK Ultra, house, her level of education and branch(accountant), her husband's level education(high school), and place of work(Labod) before she changed one in what I think(not confirmed yet) was 2000(perhaps in 2001, but I think she told me 2000 as they attempted to mislead greatly) - and I think her new place of work was Smarjeske Toplice also not confirmed yet...   

Thursday, April 22, 2021

I distance myself completely from grand Polish/Ukrainian union idea

 But I remain a firm supporter of Ukraine and believe one needs all support world can give. I endured extreme abuse(ISLAMOPHOBIC VIA NUMEROUS TERROR THREATS WHICH INVOLVED WHAT APPEARED AS ABDUCTIONS - NOT A TRIPS, BUT TRAUMATIC ABDUCTIONS TO MIDEAST FROM POLAND) under MK Ultra inside of those Polish immigration center hellholes for almost two decades on what REAL TIME rehearsal followed up on me in 2018/2019/2020...they likewise have had problem with Jews and so on.

POLISH GOVERNMENT DOES AS PROMISED WOULD TO IF I WOULD EXPRESS SUPPORT FOR BOSNIA: Obowiązkowa religia lub etyka? "Zmuszanie młodych ludzi jest naprawdę głupie"

Translated title states: Compulsory Religion or Ethics? "Forcing young people is really stupid" - and this was an answer to my post in respect to 


Polish politic is the most hateful - ahead of even neonazi rhetoric - politic in entire Europe. They need to resolve my issue first, not use crime they committed to condition victim its view on how one too should see things as...the worst country in Europe - probably world. 

Poland = Islamophobic satanic state where women have no right to even abortion...

Mateusz Morawiecki: Słowenia to piękny kraj, tylko ludzie kurwy

I dlaczego słoweńscy ludzie kurwy Pan Mateusz Morawiecki !!??? Nie są politykami i żyją i nie chcą umierać(odmawiają zniknięcia)

I have no idea how many Slovenians remember the day tiny country was recognized by other countries(each made our hearts bit faster as Serbian planed dropped bombs on us and tanks raced on streets) but

 that we have people who would go to Bosnia(Janez Jansa did and so did Borut Pahor) to openly gesture change of borders there during CRUCIAL FOR BOSNIAN PEOPLE MOMENTS(they are slaughtered via forced unemployment and big time) is out of my idea on how something like this would even be possible...Janez Jansa supposedly fought for independence of Slovenia or was he !!???? Related to  

Germany rejects idea of redrawing Western Balkans borders - minister

After severe Slovenian diplomatic failure(DISGRACE), Germany sets democratic example for tiny Balkan Bosnian state. I certainly hope to see Bosnia inside of the NATO as a full member state and as soon as possible. Lets hope Germany wonders back to its original post WWII concept in assisting those in need rather than engaging in aggressive Trump alike politic.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

@Joe Biden - US president elect(also @ Zavod za Zaposlovanje Republike Slovenije ki podpira politični kriminal proti meni državljanu Slovenije)

You will not conditioned me(its you who insisted along Trumpet) with job in Slovenia where and how either. And second, you are a GANGSTER - NOT US PRESIDENT.

This job offer now followed up on me from factory where

This case already have paid off to those involved(and others) in one with idea to help from view concerning truth that came out about one

 Information I released will contribute to your better tomorrow. Nothing like I was told and have seen yesterday, "if you will talk negative stuff we will have students pose you as depressed next to school"(its high school I pass next to almost every day)


On contrary as for the stuff I explained, you will have better/safer tomorrow unlike case was with Pahor who paid occasion visits to sweet-mouth and pose in-front of students(biti baraba lažnivec z polno ritjo niti ni biti težko)...