Saturday, December 25, 2021

Given the circumstances, Poland should

 summon countries in region on meeting, raise taxes due to emergency war related situation as one is facing next to Ukraine - to collect as much as possible for military, and begun to engage in military exercises with its partners also along the border where Russian troops are stationed. On every threat from side of the Moscow, greater military response should follow with while whole emergency response should be cemented into solidarity with Ukraine in respect to 

occupied Crimea/Donetsk through total economic blockade of Russia. They breath(use oxygen) in Moscow or any other part of Russia too and have dogs and cats just as in Kiev/Warsaw etc...

No country in region should afford itself tolerance for income loss due to Putin's military threats - it is of paramount importance for any sovereign state under given circumstances to stress willingness and ability to defend investments from abroad(not only own, but from foreign investors) with whatever it takes at any time. With Putin's aggression on Ukraine, affected are also Poland, Baltic states, Czech rep. and Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia...however, Poland is second in size to Ukraine and as Slavic state should play crucial role 

Through European Union's fictitious "European"(regular Russo German push) politic, it became evident that such pact should also have greater economic outcome when compared to one with today...

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