Thursday, December 23, 2021

Poroshenko was just a BUFFER step for Russia to obtain Donesk/Crimea - used as a post occupation option in between to soften reality as much as possible on its way to take on next piece of Ukraine

 bringing Poroshenko back into world of Ukrainian politics would be a repeated mistake which would led into "separation" of another piece of Ukraine...did close to ZERO for obtaining

weaponry for starved Ukrainian forces even after conflict - placed entire Ukraine at stake - in pocket of Western manipulators that at the same time armed Russia for no less than 10 years prior to 2014 conflict and for the sake of the conflict. Financed one through oil purchase talking about London/Berlin whose main objective was to bring its military as far as close to Moscow as 
possible(across Ukrainian territory yes) for the sake of geo strategic interests elsewhere in the world ==> Africa, mideast...while leaving Ukrainian military staved with nothing to hold in its hands. Finally, nope it doesn't matter what Putin sees "Western reaction" as was brainwashed by West IF YOU WILL SAY THIS AND THAT - what matters in respect to self determination is just determination of one to be - not lies hypocrisy world of crime and speculation West represented/represents against weaker one...

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