Sunday, December 19, 2021

How and why Milan Kučan who was already heavily abusing physically and mentally under MK Ultra decided indefinitely will get me destroyed in 1997 !!???

Because I declined to hand one $500 million Dollars in 1997/1998 which he demanded from me through his friends running Presad - went bankrupt in 1996/1997 and so pro Yugoslav comics(entertainers) got idea to obtain money from US government who wanted to hand me one through beatings - extortion. US Government officials who pushed down on me to  accept money(US GOVERNMENT ALREADY APPROVED TO GIVE ME CASH) and invest one(under ultimatum for me to hand one to Kučan) in mentioned company were shocked to learn I declined one time and again claiming them Kučan and company's director were anti Slovenian UDBA agents - shocked because I declined money for mentioned company despite severe beatings/physical abuse performed on me for already two/three years - not because US Government wouldn't know who Kučan was...

Presad's company director sent at me worker two who called me Slovenian traitor and such, but abuse in Ganbrovka(physical beatings and psychological torture) was a normal since 1995 when Kučan(regular self invited guest in our home in Novo mesto) demanded for American MK Ultra staff members and psychiatric Ljubljana Polje straff members to walk me to his region - on farm on Litija and to his wife's sister Tovšak above Clje...

Milan Kučan in reality has ZERO common with communism - used red star to hide his real intentions behind one, but there is nothing human in a regular traitor - gangster/killer. 
This news just as about Bojan Črtalič everyone knows about - one big disgrace that placed Slovenia onto bottom of the bottoms  in respect to countries' citizenship value. 30 years of disgrace - betrayal/killings for the sake of new Serbia(YU#2).

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