Monday, December 27, 2021

Cretin Jared Leto makes it exclusive at 50 - there is people with their mind set on nothing other than to loose weight(eat and shit while counting calories in between)

 And they want real world to compare/compete with them. For idiot to prove is better than you,
he will support group of other alike super stars against one with cancer and spine breaking issues. Such was the MK Ultra relationship between myself and Dolph Lundgren and few other Hollywood stars who were obsessed with idea on how they transformed over course of the time and off course myself giving them no break(respect of any kind) based on their look at the time - pointing me their photos on internet at age 50 with "we will see how you will do at 50 etc." and for what I had noooo clue whatsoever that Hollywood association of debils(lunatics) will eventually go as far as they did including poisoning and radiation issues - most severe sleep deprivation that lasts 4 years in my case now...some of which(Schwarzenegger as an example) were obsessed with my future heat failure etc 

@Jared Leto - nothing compares with you man. You are the best of the best. Yup

Hollywood - village of mentally ill/criminally insane. America(USA) this is the best country in the world so leave it if you don't love it etc(but if you leave it, hope one is not waiting with killer clowns back in your country inside the basement ready - hope one doesn't stalk you wherever you came from to destroy with lies your entire nation and not only yourself)...

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