Friday, December 31, 2021

JUST KEEP SEARCHING FOR YOUR LUCKY PIEL ISLAND KING - In 1996, whatever brought Charles to island where otherwise only Andrew would go to sing to moon with some girl - in 1997 Andrew whispered Charles enough for one to actually get someone guard island otherwise abandoned(3/4 prior years no money) hideout - in 1999 serous dude moved to island to take care pub soon turns into couple guarding tiny island and in 2003 Piel island(Piel Castle) was already far too normal


Once Putin got a hold of the island along Medvedev and possibly Lavrov in 1999/2000(I was threatened on occasion by no other than Charles and Andrew - likely even hit for "my behavior"), I didn't want to see one ever again. We were bound to kill one another also on that island not only in Canada and on other locations where they brought Putin 

alongside...everybody was coming to this very island if this will help sell one, including Trump. Beautiful otherwise island grew in my eyes into obnoxious image over course of the time I never ever would want to know about. Since 2002/2003 beatings even took place in island...became a nasty hostile place I wouldn't want to visit no more...

I think it was Chattaway whom they got in 1996/1997 on island to perform temporary assignments which over time grew permanent for his wife(originally from vicinity she told me - he too was from nearby) to also move on island probably in 1999...they had boy who grew up with them on island. Mr. Chattaway too was forced into violence against me don't ask further as I will stop here, but in 2005 or so...British royals paid well for beatings on island and garbage was reaching out with fists for me from all over the Liverpool area and visited even from abroad...left me there alone for days at the time to hang in kitchen area with drunk scum - drugged up like an animal, I assume was making money with beatings on the side, but royals told me ambushed people this way through police...all kinds of garbage arrived on island for beatings sessions and who knows perhaps even they cashed on physical violence against me. Andrew and Charles claimed me how island was successful because of a bit wilderness guests experienced as they would bring them from Lancaster and would also get wild for that very reason...

Your stool your bottle, but money was good !!???

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Wow - discover the old secrets of British island...there is much for you to see and you never know whom you could meet...

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