Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I was taken to Serbia on several occasions by couple whom I bought car from - told by Serbian chetniks they reversed millage for me not to bother with it, but SOME RUSSIANS(Putin's associates) TOLD ME IN 2008/2010 THEY WOULD EVEN CONSIDER SWITCHING HIS SIDE WITH MINE IF I WOULD MANAGE TO DO AS I DID

Condition was something like 40 kilometres of walk through the night - all through sleep deprivation for which I was told time and again will end up with bypass/open heart surgery...the key individual who opened doors to them to Vućič was no other than self employed company owner Bojan Črtalič who also was ambushed engaging in criminal stuff against me inside of their apartment - lady owner was a police officer/veteran...

Here seen and probably more were all involved in case a car sale would go through - its why I also know(and others do), I am Jack of the trades. No one could have done what I did...from Londonia to Washington DC and Moscow - they ALL incl. Putan Putanowich agree

Russian who evaluated(there were few of them) route alone was certain for one as task impossible. 
Croat - funny because I don't remember being taken ever to Croatia with this car hmmm....doesn't live so close to Serbian border, but he feared them...Daruvar area I think  - Slavonian part of Croatia. Very very nice guy, but he angered me with Yugo.

Boring and annoying as hell - Serb from Serbia. He fixed his shop in 1998(got down and dirty infront of father whose house/property is) - paint-shop was his work completed perhaps in 2000 ? Nope, I didn't plan on buying 18 years old car with hail damage at age 50 without having family etc...

Bosnian Serb I believe...he angered me under MK Ultra doing exactly RED car of which(same as in video he posted in 2000) he just wouldn't pill/brush off all the rust before applying patty and paint - then he told me already old car will not last for ever and knows what owner of one wants...

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