Saturday, December 25, 2021

Here is why Microsoft Edge malfunctioned if one door is closed another opens yes or no why if yes

Video can be also seen at
For the proper language sake and Christian attitude, don't visit this site - go to Buckingham palace where proper manners and language code are enforced and visit Vatican where pope Francis will greet you. Chinese hookers beautiful yes. Latinas too. 

I know I know, but my God is saying YOU are not good and I am no Christ of yours. 

Your god(the one you see yourself in) of saw nothing, heard nothing, blame one another after committing most severe crimes with idea to bail yourself out blaming it on(for 27 years and playing with cancer/spine/unemployment) republicans and republicans on you in search of saint with deadly disease IS A LUCIFER - SATAN.

Jesus stated "lord forgive them for they know not what they are doing"...its because YOU ALL(not them only whom you protect and condemn - those for whom you know damn well did pinned one to cross - and its nowhere proven he didn't meant you all when he stated) are criminally insane. Bigotry/Hypocrisy your NOT MINE bible. I hope eastern European Roman Catholic church of Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech, Slovakia separates itself from Vatican just as Ukrainian church separated from Moscow/Russian control and establish with Ukrainian Orthodox church own independent Roman Catholic Orthodox branch welcomes in Romanians, Hungarians, and others in area who are in search of God willing to accept them for whom/what they are...

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