Monday, December 27, 2021

Apparently United States of America believes its okay to engage in most severe physical and mental torture next to forced unemployment against own naturalized citizens(since 2000) who have no criminal record whatsoever.

 27 years of torture under MK Ultra(drugged up) of which US Government had me three and half years straight drugged up(24/7 - night and day). Subjected me to torture also abroad, made my life impossible through job search disallowing me to obtain asylum in more than dozen countries and have turned for sake of political negotiations my own room abroad into torture cell...believes after 27 years ruined me through also world of lies has the right to lesson on human ethics for the sake of war criminal known as Vladimir Putin who engaged in war with Russia through Serbia against my homeland Slovenia as well as neighboring Croatia and Bosnia. Amazing Joe 

Anything goes in USA, but they have a lots of problems with other nations.

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