Monday, December 27, 2021

Finnish schizophrenics blow Tesla car up - truly ingenious and inspirational MK Ultra stunt and hate bait is then advertised on American yahoo....

Bought used lemon car, had to call manufacturer due to warranty probably on other parts of the car, and instead of selling one Finnish  SHIZOID AND HIS COMPANIONS decided to blow one up with doll inside...good riddance on his shoulders and boom idiot blows his the way he laughs - to himself without understanding. Then high five and once is gone as one of the participants(patients) states, poor guy still smiling is asking himself most likely what now...Finland is a country with above average and one of the highest worldwide concerning schizophrenia...schizophrenic explains us at the end of the video that he never enjoyed his 1500 miles with Tesla as much as blowing one up(typical). No more lights on dashboard....

Perhaps because Jaala(village) is close to Russian border or because shizos were big city patients on visit to Jaala where poor Finish folks barely waited for lunatics to gooooo home !!?????

Kiitos Finish shizos, me rakastamme sinua

Involved in MK Ultra were cretins above seen and nope - are from neighboring cities with exception of one as was told....

Its truth...just as Santa who could be a tricky man not to play with. Just as long as doll is not Obama or Eric Holder all is legal in Finland...politically schizophrenicated(I mean okayed - approcved by even American president Joe and delighted by his Russian counterpart Vlad).....MWAHAHAHAHA


Putin ei Hitler ei natsi ei ei hyvä naapuri vain me suomalaiset emme pidä natseista

Nooo off course not....Finland no...and Obama / Biden !!????

naaah off course no nein nneinnnn

how how how.....whah whah one please...and then again what does human shit looks like !!??? HATE HATE HATE HATE Mary Xmass yahoo 

America - now that is one very inspirational story 

Kill with lies - not even Orwell predicted that one coming...The biggest nazi neonazi bastard in entire America was and is no other than Joe Biden...the most hateful criminal bastard in its entire American history.

@Joe - you worry too much about things are none of your business and nothing about what you should....

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