Monday, December 27, 2021

Mr. Tom Cruise along several other friends from Hollywood even learned from me over the course of two decades as he committed himself to my rescue that use of running shoes should be used

 rather than heavy hiking shoes which caused him considerable damage on his legs - ruining him veins. But this didn't go without screwing me up under MK Ultra by forcing on my feet improper wear...a real honor to meet this great personalities and great help all in all One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest as Czechs whose origins producer is Milos Forman(also 

was  involved in my MK Ultra case if its how you do like to refer one as - I think its the most bestial example of shiny stars country known as land of brave and free, but they insisted on my using "MK ukltra") told me I dealt with in respect to Americans...well, they were right.

Came to America at age 23 with 73kg and weighted close to 90 within just two years therein...was so poor it didn't even matter any longer...thought was poor before I left Slovenia for USA to learn through my new homeland what poorest in the world is...

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