Friday, December 24, 2021

REPEATED - Viktor Medvedchuk - a parter of Viktor Yanukovych - both of whom openly engaged in public lynching parties of myself(me) in Ukraine and in Russia before Vladimir Putin guaranteeing me failure/fall of Ukraine on numerous occasions are not to be mistaken with Petro Poroshenko who, however, did PURCHASED IN MOST CRITICAL FOR UKRAINIAN EXISTENCE coal from mines in separatist occupied areas in 2014-2015

Poroshenko's grand treason act worth of $55 million (€48.7 million) spending on theft of Donetsk during most critical times for Ukraine times easily is(not only can be) rationalized
as a way of financing the Russian aggressors with war on Ukraine by Zelensky's state - a real Ukrainian identity - Ukraine no longer an negotiable per presidential career and billions worth business deal(Poroshenko got cash from West for his Russo German compliance make no mistakes about it) for the sake of single oligarch individual as case with Poroshenko was/is. Ukrainian political parties(talking about Medvedchuk who should be in my eyes trialed and executed by state) rather than seeing themselves in an individuals, should concentrate on what is good/bad for Ukraine - no one ever was more suitable for Ukrainian president(leader of Ukraine) than Zelensky. Western Amero main stream media which suggests how Putin got early  Christmas deal(Russian media also disapproves Zelensky's actions) participated along Russians on every step of the way prior to Crimean and Donestk's occupation and after - these people psychologically tortured me with views on how I had to see world through their eyes...real Ukraine is Zelensky who will not compromise a milometer of its sovereignty(or safety of a single Ukrainian individual) infront of any country and this(SELF DETERMINATION) is what makes country sovereign nation. Poroshenko knew ahead of coming accusation against one and have prepared himself for one by visiting Poland - to appear as much as innocent as possible...

With his attitude in respect to coal purchase, Poroshenko demonstrated not only clear knowledge in respect to coming war but also agreement with opposite side prior to conflict so one took place in Donetsk. Detrimental factor in Donestk in fact was coal sale $$$$

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