Saturday, December 18, 2021

FRENCH WON THE CAR DILEMMA CASE: After crossing about 40 kilometres on foot last night(everything else were MK Ultra rides), I bought car from one of the nicest ladies involved in MK Ultra case

Car is Citroën Xsara 2.0 HDi year 2003 - model produced (2001-2004). Seller(1st owner)
was a very respect by Slovenian police a police veteran now from Zagorje ob Savi area. Well known to everyone in MK Ultra including Americans who regarded car as a lemon car due to hail damage suffered in 2005 - never repaired. Otherwise extremely well kept  car(who gives a shit about American killer clowns regarded to me as friends who used to come here for the sake of $$$$ contracts and to increase problems domestically as well as through additional torture abroad - and off course to share great free advice) with 220.000 original kilometres and which runs on diesel was sold to me for amount of 500 Euros. Will do my best to keep one for good just as Jeremy Clarkson kept his Alfa since his return from Poland(I was the one who brainwashed one on Alfa Romeo purchase and it was Charles who got him specially priced car from seller for you to know real circumstances for his magical deal)
 - Citroen's 2.0 diesel engines can run over 1 million kilometres if kept well.

Other than car sale....

 Google again did his best just as was promised case will be and have even ended at castle Bogenšperk Castle at night - after going without sleep 30 hours. Thick fog and google maps repositioning me on the map whichever way fit one best on routes where severely brainwashed by Americans per what to think and what not - brainwashed also by some Slovenian demented political clowns all in all on behalf of Social Democrats - Borut Pahor...Borut Pahor and Milan Kučan who claimed since 1995 obtained sympathies from otherwise unlikely American source because of my bad attitude - they did, but Russo German agreement they stroke with Moscow already prior to 1995 was detrimental reason for their cooperation - for those who recognized Slovenia from West to look the other way during her most critical hours. Social Democrats are regular UDBA people registered as political party to put it in plain and simple. If any of those would catch Slovenia bragging publicly about its independence during Yugoslav federation times, he/she would disappear withing matter of days(either killed or sent to island known as "goli otok" - death was certain)

Yesterday's trip on foot reminded on Milan Kučan who believed was my owner since 1995. Trips on foot to Milan Kučan's relatives to Litija's region were regular - Litija, Gabrovka area to his wife's sister Hilda Tovšak above Celje...Milan Kučan assumed I was his slave through whom heavy money can be earned since Americans and Western Europeans placed cash award bounty$$$$ on me - regarded himself infront of Chinese and others as communist, but in real communist environment gangster wouldn't last a single day - used red star as a hostage just like other eastern European apparatchiks to hide his real intentions behind one - real reason for failure of socialist societies across the eastern Europe...

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