Sunday, December 19, 2021

Car was sold in Slovenia by Jean Marie Walch(French boy) whom I met in Poland on hunger games in 2000

 He(via French government and to award me as I liked him tremendously) then reopened via French government a Citroen dealership(I think Sarkosy/Macron told me two/three years after Citroen was gone from Slovenia) in 2001 on what I got into fight with him because of

lady who sold me car - she was a Slovenian beauty I wanted and I really didn't care for whole world during MK Ultra - women were 99% of time reason for fights under MK Ultra - even if the guy was the nicest guy in the world only till female appeared on scenario the everything would go to hell with even fist fights. That was 7 years after I tried to earn money through weapons sale in 1996(make sale and deliver weapons drugged up under MK Ultra what lifted whole world on its feet - it was Donald Trump and Milan Kučan who got me on ice with that one) and still broke without single female swarmed with nothing but hostility around me while claiming me will be paid half a trillion Dollars...he resented me, but did managed to understand what took place - I, to be  honest, didn't even know any longer who/how specially because Citroen always was company in Slovenia which manufactured cars in Koper. Interestingly and I am very grateful for it, French always maintained relationship with tiny Slovenia even during Yugoslavia. Napoleon Bonaparte always was regarded as a very respectful(admired French individual due to autonomy he granted us from Austro Hungarian empire) man in Slovenia through what was known as Illirian provinces which he established...funny thing is we used to have a friends from Paris during Yugoslavia as older French couple traveled through Novo mesto city(I was age perhaps 6 - 44 years ago) in a beautiful Citroen DS (in Slovenian popular žaba Citroen) on what car broke them down right infront of our house(old house at Trdinova 4 - in the city of Novo mesto) at 2000 hours - summer evening...they knew not what to do and spoke French only on what tho two found place at our doors - communicated with hands, slept at our place, got car repaired, and then stayed with us for the rest of vacation rather then to proceed at possibly Adriatic coast...beautiful elderly couple would return back for a visit to Novo mesto for many years afterwards making us very happy and then no more...we never spoke same language, but always smiled at one another and signaled with hands...beautiful couple in their 80's - Žiži(I dont know how to write this name in French but sounds like Gigi) and Jean bring tears in my eyes...

French lady Žiži used to saw fun clothing(she had a taste for exotic fun clothing - different long clothing French elegant) with my mother and sister day after day all day long communicating with hands smiling...they baked goodies and I used to watch in mornings Jean shaving with razors like my grandfather used too(my father always used electric shavers and was boring, but Jean took time to and special care to look as sharp as possible - he then always wore ironed shirt and was so happy to see me)...used cologne to smell great and would go with father once father returned from was Holiday for us each time out Paris family arrived from far like birds...

Something like this guy Alain Delon ;)

French lady in Miami(Ligoa Dincan - my neighbor tried to remind me of old couple(she knew about and was involved in MK Ultra along her son and her daugther and entire family - NOW 100% AMERICANS), but for me old romantic couple was a story which brought tears in my eyes then as it does today...I didn't want as was too painful atop of MK Ultra issues. She too was gone in 2015, but family is around and hope to see you all - Au revoir for now from your "Bob Slovenia le Revolutioner" as she used to call me...

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