Thursday, December 23, 2021

REPEATED: NWO plan for Africa and Mideast as was told under MK Ultra

Lukashenko(Russia) and Germany created revolution in Belarus for the same purpose as Donald Trump and his provocateurs did Capitol Hill on what Bush accented comparison between nazis and Capitol Hill rioters to incite them even further into eagerness to find new place to establish itself - I already pointed out what "COVID deaths" are used for in respect to afterlife terms...According Guterrez, UN boss, he won't care because UN will not even existed any longer afterwards...Poland knew ahead of Belarus crises so did Baltic states...this whole BIG sized picture is in agreement for you to know. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya according to MK Ultra would get job assisting her own Belarus refugees even more so in newly founded whatever state in Africa(first in Poland) - was highly recommended to me by Slovenian p.m. Janez Janš far as Biden - I wouldn't waste words with Mr and Mrs "si se puedue"...THE ONLY ONE IN BETWEEN IN DOUBT UNWILLING TO GO ALONG NAZI PLAN WAS CHINA.

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