Thursday, December 16, 2021

The one who demanded from Slovenian government a Belorussian Sergei's involvement in my case, over and over again, was my mother

 "My cleaning lady" were supportive words of Milan Kučan dedicated to my mother 

THE AUSER TIMES: As far as my mother 

As far as Belaerus individual I wouldn't go at this opportunity in details, but he tried to destroy anywhere from my knee caps by repetitive tasks, using inapropriate shoe wear and made me wear improperly shoes which idea was to destroy veins, in 2005 pushed me from scarp for me to fell with head(and break one) on concrete - inspected by neighbor physician and entered nowhere(only bulging vain on side of the head ever since can be seen) and so on...

My momma remembers nooo Sergei...nothing whatsoever.

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