Monday, December 20, 2021

My grandfather in Bulgaria - Milan Kučan and Vladimir Putin tried to convince King Harold of Norway(entire Western delegation) one was practically vagabond

Father was a secretary of Novo mesto city during WWII German and Italian occupation of one and have provided national resistance movement(partisans) in Kočevski Rog and in area even with necessary medical supplies - had special orders(medals) given to one after WWII by partisan movement for his sacrifice. Family was once already for departure at the train station to German extermination concentration camp, but his brother who served in contrary as White Guard saved one...mother lost brother in battle during WWII - he was active partisan.

Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor came out infront of Western delegation as a complete LAUGHABLE idiots. Grandfather served also in Austrian military during WW1 and became captured on eastern front - spent 5+ years(I think 8) as prisoner in Russia where according to his own words he met lots of beautiful redheads...worked as veterinarian and was loved by locals. Saved another man from Novo mesto life by bringing one home literately and so on...
Bulgaria, Sofia(capital city) after WW2

@Elizabeth - ajaja...I remember all that too ;) I do now. For that matter I give 1000 points + right now

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