Sunday, December 26, 2021

STILL WITH ALMOST ALL COVID19 CASES IN SOUTH AFRICA AND MOROCCO EVEN TODAY WHEN CONSIDERING AFRICAN CONTINENT: In the very beginning - early stages of COVID19 development when compared to African continent, it becomes evident that COVID is a man produced(man made) virus used to target poorest

It took almost two years for WEST to boost COVID19 on African continent and even today, one persists almost entirely in two countries located on African continent. On one neighboring Italy and second state with presence of white minority in one - South Africa.  
Took almost two years to SOMEWHAT blend reality with CIA designed for the sake of virus epidemic a virtual world through whose eyes West believed world will is today that COVID19 is finally becoming dangerous as is now that numbers continue to raise THROUGH MOROCCO AND SOUTH AFRICAN STATE also on African continent making it(continent and virus as whole) gradually virtually indistinguishable from rest of the world - as case will be unless condemned on time. 

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