Monday, December 27, 2021

Local killer clown psychiatrist Peter Kapš and Slovenian police DEMANDED from me along Americans and Britons to set virtual office inside of my room rather than obtain employment upon return from Poland

Something, however, Polish state implemented against me also under MK Ultra when I was brainwashed time and again to set my own office and either teach English or provide customer care from residence...after they set me up with self employment issues if you remember engine oil was a week ago I bought here seen table cloth which can also be used as background for virtual office - and as soon I saw one, I reminded myself of Slovenian police, Kapš, Borut Pahor in what probably was 2019 when hijacked from Polish asylum system and brought also to Slovenia...and foremost I recalled AGAIN violent prince Andrew in 2003/2004 who claimed me since how I will in process of proving my sanity also open own company and excel with one infront of the world...scam was used to decline me some 40.000 jobs I applied for on two continents - kept me forcefully completely jobless for no less than 17 years. Prince Harry claimed on how I will be given opportunities to earn money dealing with clients over virtual camera providing customer services, tutured me under MK Ultra how to video record on the side camera and claimed will have chance to interact with them...

Sold in Local Jysk store...I cite Kapš, "we will have discounted so make sure you buy in case you do want to have your own virtual office for language tutoring"...

You get idea how was and is with my employment and who held/holds keys to one !!???

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