Thursday, December 16, 2021

As far as my mother

 but that is Milan Kučan inside of the house. I have nothing else to say about one - he selected her for job according to his own words to me under MK Ultra.

Trained by psychiatrists on HOW at local Novo mesto's police station - brainwashed to see herself at home as "CLEANING LADY" through psychotic state of mind known as "always doing laundry and around house by herself"(without my help or help of father - I unlike Sergei from Belarus whom as shock of locals mother requested time and again from Slovenian government, leave behind everything messy - incited in views as such by foreign Western governments who supported violence against me - Von der Layen insisted her through translators how Belorussian Sergei is just so special exceptional due to special relationship the 

two developed not fact that Sergei tried to physically hurt me as many times as possible whenever given to him drugged up over the course of 15 years - was stopped by third party observers time and again - regular killer but this fact or that I was half alive because of lies through which she got me on psychiatric medications, didn't matter).

Russo German politic - more real than what you can possibly imagine.

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