Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Car photos - I used one yesterday first time since purchase(this car arrived to our house over the course of the years on multiple occasions - MK Ultra)

Was like this since at least 2015(perhaps even 2013). Isolation for hood from engine heat. For car I was told already which kits to buy and google pushed forward results of people who participated in MK Ultra and demonstrated how to repair(they just wanted to cash in on human suffering is what it was/is)...Krka village people told me not to repair as is not worth - will get me another car like this if I like one, but then again WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY KNOW WHAT IS WORTH WHAT NOT WHEN ENGAGING IN CRIME AGAINST ME FOR 27 YEARS TILL LAST. Worth of free advice and another piece in a puzzle of see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing crime.

Car in my eyes was a bargain and will stay mine for good till passed onto MY children.

Some body work and want too attitude.


CAR SALE AUDIO https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/09/v-slovenskem-jeziku-citroen-car.html  WAS PERHAPS JUST AS MISLEADING IF NOT EVEN MORE...

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