Monday, December 20, 2021

Everybody knows - From German to American TOP government officials and MK Ultra participants - I refused 500 million US Dollars in cash in 1997/1998

Read this WITNESSING good

From Bush to Clinton , Joe Biden etc...they were angry at me for refusing money claiming along European governments being insane - as Slovenians continued to turn against me as several Americans along top politicians gave me their account, they assumed Slovenians as a nation were insane....Milan Kučan's directors were regular thieves which thrived on theft during times of Yugoslavia. Would drive money to Switzerland and enjoy cheap Slovenian labor/social security, housing...Kučan's Presad story repeated numerous times before my eyes prior to departure in 1995 from what became independent Slovenia in 1991...Presad and Kučans are just what they were/are, but my name is only one and never ever was for sale. For the cost of torture YES, I refused to hand Milan Kučan 500 million USD which would be shortly stolen under my name.

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