Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump inaugurated as the president of United States of America !!!

Unforgettable experience for me today !!! I wish him God's protection and wisdom !!! Same to his beautiful family and to you America...You have a real chance now...a real president of United States of America !!! Congratulations !!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jobless and left homeless to be killed on streets of Seattle in 2009 !!!

Video can be also seen at Jobless and left homeless to be killed on streets of Seattle in 2009 !!! With life savings(still with over $20.000 USD in cash after spending already over 3 years forcefully jobless and without the right to any kind of government assistance), not allowed to even rent apartment(blacklisted for death in every aspect that represents vital attributes for life/existence in modern society) !!! not only banned from employment or unemployment compensation, but as you see also the right to own and even rent with money in the pocket. Almost killed in Vancouver, British Columbia after filing for political asylum there and then again in Seattle(second assassination attempt within just 14 days) !!! 30.000 job applications declined and no right to file for political asylum in 5 countries(Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Canada) !!! While you cheered Obama(or Bush or Clinton)..Obama...Obama..this is what I went through thanks to many of you !!!

"DIE...DIE..DIE" IS WHAT I WAS TOLD OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!! WE WANT YOU DEAD !!! Life threatened if not leaving USA for good on numerous occasion(have even audio recorded scum) !!!

KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!!KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!!  KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! KILL HIM !!! And so know the rest of the story !!! Not cancer survivor, but exactly what you see here !!!

 As you see, I am still here and judgement day is on its way !!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"RUSSIAN" hackers employed at CIA - NSA control our internet speed and have our computers hacked as pleased 24/7(again caught with pants down) !!!

"RUSSIAN" hackers employed at CIA - NSA control our internet speed and have our computers hacked as pleased 24/7(again caught with pants down) !!! They control our internet speed and download or upload to our computers whatever is convenient for them !!! They modify our operating systems, load our computers with malware, trace our internet activities , and more !!! Donald Trump voters and supporters beware !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Evil "Russians" who work at Google(youtube and blogger) and Facebook, hack my blogger news site to delete visitors' comments as well as likes and ban me from two Facebook accounts claiming how by government issued IDs are lies(fake like myself) !!!


Paul Golding is, in fact, on 24 HOUR LOCKDOWN !!! Paul  has been locked in the same cell for over 3 weeks !!! Paul was handed a notes from the prison stating that visits had FAILED TO TURN UP !!! After 3 long weeks, Paul has been finally allowed to make a phone call !!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Obama baboons(Black Lives Matter) reach new heights in terror against whites in America !!! Torture of mentally disables white Chicago youngster via Facebook !!! It came from South Africa and is getting stronger by the day thanks to Obama's administration !!!

Trump Supporter with Special Needs Kidnapped & Tortured

The leader of this terrorist baboons(BLM) who have cherished(praised) their violence publicly have changed his mind(read HERE) just 14 days prior to beginning of his new career = advocacy of his genocidal presidency before the people of the United States of America !!! It was Obama's first and last call to end violence against whites in America !!! 2 little 2 late Obama !!!
Here are best video clips on this newest Black Lives Matters incident !!! Incidents which Obama and Sanders have directly and indirectly supported !!! KILL THE WHITEY(cut him, slice him, chop him..) !!! KILL DONALD TRUMP AND THOSE WHO VOTED DONALD TRUMP !!!
The graphic video shows the four suspects yelling "Fuck Trump!" and "Fuck white people!" as they beat and scalp the white victim.

Kenyan Witch Hunter Obama briefs himself on security issues and attacks new president elect Donald Trump via ZIO extremists: John McCain, James R. Clapper, Richard Blumenthal, Lindsey Graham, Mike Rogers, Martin Heinrich publicly insult new president elect and call for WWlll - not stones !!!

Grand treasoner Barck Hussein Obama who should have been arrested long time ago for numerous grand treasons which he have committed against people of the United States of America, continues to withchunt(WATCH HERE) new president elect Donald Trump(undermining American democracy) and is warmongering on behalf of desperate elites for WWIII(BW - thermonuclear war) !!! War which will take place without any doubt on  my mind unless this most dangerous criminals in the history of the human kind are stopped !!!

Not allowed to post in Facebook groups till January 19th, 2017 !!! They are mad and ready to launch WWIII(BW - thermonuclear war) - thats for sure...

 My telephone number is no longer used as a security verification method. Facebook(CIA) declines to use one while insisting on total nonsense security checks(pure bullying). They change my passwords and force me to change

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Everything around Obama is collapsing(he himself, barely stands on his feet) - even US soldiers whose ceremony he attends are falling unconscious hahaha

I don't have much to say in respect to this news, pay attention to Obama's facial expressions...he knows that road(his legacy - destruction of United States of America) ends here...He is psychologically broken(suffers mental breakdown) and self devoured...its what we call in America "dead man walking" as THE LEGAL justice is about to be served right around the corner !!!

Obama to brief himself on "Russian 2016 Presidential Elections Hacking" per ASAP !!! He is in hurry now...

The only problem is that deluded Obama and his masters are totally isolated from public in their views !!!
Here is John Brennan - a big time protester and collusionist against president Donald Trump and the people of United States of America who will deliver the "briefing" to Obama !!! No doubt on my mind that Brennan and others are desperate and desperate people are willing to commit desperate things !!! ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO SAVE THEIR DIRTY ASSES FROM THE TRUTH !!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


WWIII ALERT: John McCain talking to you for the first time = THE TRUTH !!! 
It will happen because:

1) US elections were rigged(so was Brexit) and you have somehow managed to dismiss my case about rigged US elections(referring to popular vote - minimum over 37 million votes were stolen from Donald J. Trump + illegals voted for Clinton + dead people voted for Clinton) as well as Brexit(minimum 65% of British voted Brexit) !!! 

2) US elections and Brexit were designed by government psychiatrists to split(polarize) both countries with murderous multiculturalism issues used(according to John McCain's theory) to drag us all into WWIII against Russia !!! How !!!??? Well...John McCain calculated that WHITE USA AS WELL AS WHITE BRITISH PATRIOTS(others will follow worldwide) will go on battlefield and die for their countries regardless of what is happening around them(TRUTH) and to get multicultural garbage going in war against Russia(traditionally was a communist state that favored multiculturalism), Obama will save them from Trump by sending them in war against Russia !!! AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS !!! BOTH SIDES(they always found both sides as you see) DYEING AND KILLING FOR ELITES(Donald Trump's presidential inauguration stolen from Donald Trump) !!! PERFECT PSYCHOLOGICAL PREEMPTIVE WARFARE COMBINATION !!! THEY ARE READY TO SEND YOU IN DEATH !!! ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR THEM !!!???

Leader Paul Golding of "Britain First"(British resistance organization) behind bars already since December the 15th of 2016 !!! Paul was sent behind bars by the ROYAL COURT !!!

This is what Jayda Fransen had to say about it:

Thats right...British Royal legal system is more occupied(concerned) by patriots like Paul Golding(1,561,484 Likes on Facebook alone) than radical Islamic terrorists that ongoingly bombard Europe(here to rape, kill, and steal) !!! Just few days latter, THIS is what Angela Merkel's cooked dinner for Germany and in Germany looked like(yes, she deports few and imports millions - don't be naive folks) !!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Putin mentiones in his 2017 New Year's speach resources, movement forward, achievemens, and difficulties that have brought us together...HE IS RIGHT !!! Happy 2017 !!!

He mentioned more..much more, but this really got my attention. I dare to suspect(speculate) that Mr. Putin have had more on his mind that just Russia not !!??? Our existence depends on one another as I have explained...his New Year speech is ambitious and gives hope(if you have watched my previous videos and red blogs, you know exactly what I am talking about..WATCH or READ) !!!