Friday, January 6, 2017

Kenyan Witch Hunter Obama briefs himself on security issues and attacks new president elect Donald Trump via ZIO extremists: John McCain, James R. Clapper, Richard Blumenthal, Lindsey Graham, Mike Rogers, Martin Heinrich publicly insult new president elect and call for WWlll - not stones !!!

Grand treasoner Barck Hussein Obama who should have been arrested long time ago for numerous grand treasons which he have committed against people of the United States of America, continues to withchunt(WATCH HERE) new president elect Donald Trump(undermining American democracy) and is warmongering on behalf of desperate elites for WWIII(BW - thermonuclear war) !!! War which will take place without any doubt on  my mind unless this most dangerous criminals in the history of the human kind are stopped !!!

Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command Mike Rogers(ZIONIST who relentlessly travels undercover to Israel), 99.99% pure Jew Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Martin Heinrich(member of communist US Democratic party and hater of Donald Trump), with Jewess married self elected John McCain(known as the biggest traitor to USA in the history of USA), pequeño John McCain(GAY&ZIONIST WWIII warmonger kamikaze shill fanatic and more than anything a lunatic Lindsey Graham who have earlier suggested even that he would love to beat physically brain out of Donald Trump's head), and Senator Joe Donnelly(member of communist US Democratic party) have talked to themselves(nobody in the world and not only in America believes a single word this have to say, but this doesn't stop them because it takes only a few to push on NUKE buttons) like this infront of the Rothschilds cameras today(Rothschilds either own or control 96% of the main stream media worldwide) !!!

This is how self talk(monologue) looked like:

Richard Blumenthal gives  platform to Clapper for suggesting how newly elected president Donald Trump have undermined credibility of intelligence community with his statements(Blumenthal suggests that conclusions based on ZERO proofs are very credible as well as significant and that Obama who should have taken actions against evil "Russians" is as a result of those undermined...funny, I thought that Obama already did have managed to embarrass himself with kitchen diplomacy by expelling Russian diplomats from US - all based on ZERO proofs). Clapper only confirms defamation agaisnt new president Donald Trump with basically saying, "ja ja ja public trust and confidence in intelligence community is crucial(sure Clapper, but not vice-versa...people should believe you Clapper, but why would you act on behalf of the people when you serve elites - you are absolutely right Clapper)...I have received many expressions of concern from other governments worldwide about US intelligence community(sure Clapper, we will not forget what were even phone hacking from European presidents and not each and every pone of their emails - priceless Clapper...priceless haha) .."....

Senator Martin Heinrich(member of communist US Democratic party and hater of Donald Trump) proceeds insults against new president elect Donald Trump with what he refers to as "impact on moral issues due to Donald Trump's dismissive attitude" that have had impact on intelligence community...Clapper is again prompted to confirm with, "ja ja ja.."

Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command Mike Rogers(ZIONIST who relentlessly travels undercover to Israel) takes from there and he even suggests that he doesn't want to loose experts because of Donald Trump(hahaha...why not Mikey...We are all replaceable worry too much Mikey....except you and few who are listed for grand treason trials, they can all go to work for higher salaries in McDonald's if they think NSA is unworthy of their expertise...GOOD VALUABLE PEOPLE IN NSA USA WHAT YOU REFER TO AS MIKEY SHOULD SERVE AMERICANS AND NOT THE ELITE AS THE CASE IS !!! WE PAY TAXES TO FINANCE YOUR JOBS AND NOT THE ELITE MIKEY !!! THE PROBLEM IS YOURSELF MIKEY - IF WE HAVE ONLY EXPERTS THAT ARE ANTI AMERICAN TODAY IN NSAUSA, ITS TIME TO GET READ OF THEM PER ASAP !!!! READ HERE OR HERE TO LEARN WHO WORKS AT NSAUSA AND WHY SUCH PANIC..and thank you for your informative assertion about NSA Mikey)...

Joe Donnelly(member of communist US Democratic party) suggests to Clapper to come up with(rate) probability(his confidence) issue regarding so called "Russian attacks" already know Clapper's eager answer to Obama monologue ;)

Finally pequeño John McCain(Lindsey Graham is eager to proof himself to ZIO club) gets microphone in his hands and starts with his insanity I cite, "Obama threw pebble; am ready to throw is time now not to throw pebbles, but rocks..."(thermonuclear war is what I want says Lindsey Graham)


 WWIII WILL BE !!! You can bet on this fact unless you stop them(I do not know who else will) on time !!!

Written by Bastian Auser

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