Friday, July 31, 2020

Car appears to have been scratched either last night or earlier today

Took photos and will post them online tomorrow. Car was parked inside the gated property each and every day and what have proven itself as less safe than outside on the street.

From my perspective, Royalism is a dynasorism which takes from people basic human characteristics(turns people into slaves) for which our gradfathers/grandfathers have fought against

Its a process of betrayal against nation either way you look picture. It creates state within the state(you yourself as citizen are seen different and very possibly even as a threat due to cause most of kings and queens represent) which failed tests of national loyalty in the past time and again. 

First thing Monday(will happen already before), I will file criminal charges against police officer investigating vehicle scam

This friend of his did him no good. Second, they would take orders from foreign politicians of all walks of life and as long those would pay waiters bill I would be served with all their peculiar demands. IF I WOULD BE CAPABLE TO FULFILL ENTIRE LIST WRITTEN DOWN BY POLISH HAND WITHOUT COMPLAINING ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL, I TOO WOULD BE ENTITLED TO BECOME POLISH ROYALTY 😁😈 ITS A LONG LIST I HAVE VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDED I AM AFRAID.

MK - ULTRA: Christopher O'Neill

Was picked up at  St. Gallen, Austria by Angela Merkel's team. Brought to Poland as a test subject volunteer in search of prosperity sometimes in 2003/2004 I estimate. Swedish king Gustaf(Carl XVI Gustaf) was involved in this on every step of the way and eventually gave him his daughter's hand. They now live in Miami and didn't meet in New York as stated on Wikipedia, but instead right here via Poland.

Today upon return from city but I am very comfortable with it

Video can be also seen at

Because I am not in trouble. Poland is and this in deeper than deep one.

In mean while landlord again changed his mind about throwing me out after he gave ultimatum via residents for me to move out by Saturday

Was on the phone today and he changed his mind about it. I can stay as paid for - till 7th of this month.

I charge investigating police(investigating car fraud for which I filed several months ago) officer designated to me by state prosecutor with attempted murder

Video can be also seen at
If you pay attention to timing, one can see video was posted online approximately 2 and 1/2 hours ago. Ever since I was followed by police all the way to even entrance to this residence.

This took place on Tuesday during my job search and its what Poland again VOTED for.

This police officer was involved in my MK Ultra case since at least 2010. One of the individuals he befriended during MK Ultra and arraigned plot against me attempted to literately cause fatality using hoe against me(worse than baseball bat) after stalking me on hill in-front of Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center. 

I know individual since 2003(his mother gave one property - individual became involved in MK Ultra and promised me along with police as seen here) when there were no houses nothing in area and we would cross hill on foot to get faster to the city.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

After being yelled at(not explained politely, but treated like garbage by people who tortured right here under MK Ultra) on how I am to move out by Saturday on behalf of owner - I was just now told that we all have to move out and again in extremely disrespectful way

Watch I used word "people" in above sentence and I easily could use other term. This is not the way to treat anybody and even less someone whose life was ruined via abductions to this country which lasted no less than 21 years. 

TOTAL RUST POISONING FOR NO LESS THAN TWO YEARS ON BRINK OF DEATH: Police which visited with immigration refused to file police report on my behalf

Video can be seen also at 

Police visited today at approximately 1200 hours together with Polish immigration services at which opportunity I have reported one poisoning via rusty pipes in area of the building where I was compelled to take showers. Police refused to accept report from me at the time on what owner who just yesterday claimed me will sell house desperately attempted to talk to me(was on my way to Pabianice - job search). Just upon return from Pabianice, I was practically verbally assaulted by individual from upstairs during very unfriendly attempt of another resident who claimed to act on behalf of owner who demands from me to move out before first - Saturday. All recorded.

Rejoining G7 isn't a priority for Moscow - I figured out that fact when I pointed out Gold issue and military/techno. freebies from the West

Before launching war(for Germany to launch war AGAIN), foreign troops must be moved out FIRST

There is nothing to say other than extremely passive politic of sleepy Joe(is not in a hurry of any kind) on the other side of the ocean who only is buying time to Donald Trump

Merkel stated to me I cite, "immediate takeover of Poland and Czech republic if not economic then via war, but none of the two will get away with it this time".

Take this US troops to Poland, and 50% of the job is done. Merkel complained about Polish distrust and insisted in using instead American side to do just that.

Pentagon to pull 12,000 US troops from Germany following Trump demands, slammed as 'gift to Russia'

The Pentagon is proceeding with President Donald Trump's plan to move 12,000 U.S. troops out of Germany – about 6,400 forces will be brought home and 5,400 shifted to other countries in Europe, U.S. defense officials said Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Just remember where you red all this first

To very today(past 10 years), I have never ever received a single dime from anyone - I mean ever(why/how I have no clue). If you think information is valuable to you and helps you see beyond main steam media fog cluster, stop bye and try at support page

Its called coin spinning(turn the lie to stay politician - more lies produce more lies till politicians kill with lies so many of their own people they no longer even relate to them as their people, but instead see themselves in their colleagues on the other side of the border who entrust them with more and more LIES)

Why do you think Russia(Putin signed nazi contract) is buying gold and why do you think Russia demanded gold instead of cash !!???? Sanctions !!????? What kinds of sanctions !!????? they found whatever West deposited on old wrack and thats about it.
Check price of gold - see it for yourself what goes on behind BIG Euro Coronavirus deal - our leaders are mentally sick people. FASCISTS/NAZIS ALONE IS WHAT THEY ARE !!! TRAITORS !!!

You will count your worthless money which inflation will eat away

They will count something else(REAL - mentioned on papers you signed with them) - and if not you yet somehow(they have super weapon already ready 100%), then soon.

Germany bought time - YUGE printout of worthless Euros coming on market(nope, this wasn't what might appeared to some)

Slovenia received more than Poland. They were given 10.5 billion Euros and is much smaller with much less population. Poland size 312,679 km² Population: 37.97 million - Slovenia size 20,271 km² population: 2.081 million. For "worthless" think hyper inflation and finally war.

Big saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing is coming.

(BRUSSELS) — Weary but relieved, European Union leaders finally clinched an unprecedented 1.82 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) budget and coronavirus recovery fund early Tuesday, somehow finding unity after four days and as many nights of fighting and wrangling over money and power in one of their longest summits ever.

Monday, July 27, 2020

@Black lives matter - For US minorities and freedom loving Americans

As far as Eastern Europe - you have been sold by those who are NOW hiding behind those against whom they have fought and won war against in WWII. They are used as a temporary mask - fake power of opposition till storm according to contract they have made with Germany passes bye. This storm, however, will be a long dark night which may never ever even pass bye.

REPEATED - MK ULTRA - There were others subjected to MK Ultra torture at this very location in Lodz Poland

Video can be also seen at
Beside 100% POSITIVELY JUST AS ALWAYS identifying group of Poles from Lodz that dates back to 2002/2003, one of the individuals IDENTIFIED on this very occasion and who was involved in MK Ultra alone became subjected to one at this very address in Lodz.

He claimed to suffer spine injuries in Poland because of me and for the sake of Poland

Here is THE man who claimed to have broken spine because of ME

Now president of Slovenian claimed to have gone through entire program in Poland just to demonstrate his pledge to push my cause for the sake of Poland via forced employment and psychiatry - through. Then in 2018(three years after Andrzej Duda signed fascist agreement with Italy and Germany - something Borut Pahor was also completely acquainted about), he sent me to Poland with words, "Se if there s anything you can still do for Poland as is most likely all too late".

Why the Russian Elite Fears a "Rebellious Shaman" - its simple - for the same reason as British/ German/ Polish and others do



Tsar was a traitor to Russia and those who supported one a traitors. If you like Russia, think Russia and not Putin/Zhirinovsky !!!

@Russia - Don't destroy legacy of Lenin by a bunch of lying cheating power grab leeches who push between Stalinism and tsarism

Please use common sense - brain. Concentrate on modern economy and reject notion of slavery of any kind. Russia became a free society with termination of Stalin and even what was far worse - tsar.

No modern country is using tsar of any kind. British royals are a decorations only, but decoration can become extremely dangerous instrument of manipulation if foreign system exposes itself to corruption possibilities - watch video to understand what I mean.

MK ULTRA - There were others subjected to MK Ultra torture at this very location in Lodz Poland

Video can be also seen at
Beside 100% POSITIVELY JUST AS ALWAYS identifying group of Poles from Lodz that dates back to 2002/2003, one of the individuals IDENTIFIED on this very occasion and who was involved in MK Ultra alone became subjected to one at this very address in Lodz.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Yeah, but Germany does the opposite and whole is taking place for the sake of Germany whose main motto is divide and conquer Slavic lands - not only totally irresponsible these days Russia which is sliding backwards a century into tsarist regressive slavery state

VERY VERY BAD !!! I would love nothing more than to help as is all about greed(not ambitions, but instead greed - NOTHING ABOUT/FOR RUSSIA, BUT ALL FOR PERSONAL POCKETS), but don't know how. From

Android smartphone indicating my location via Google maps as 40 kilometres away from me

Video can be also seen at

There is too much information on this site about politics - in another words I wasted to much on you and nothing on myself compared to your contributions

Its why I will most likely stop with political news on here and watch you go down with main stream media' moral compass.

Yes yes cats just released ran scarred past me from direction as I stated earlier

side door from rear of the building. Impossible to help animals like this. I probably do more harm then good with idiots around me like this.

Cats would appear out of nowhere even withing minutes on two occasions as I publicly complained. One today and once prior to today.

Last night

Here is what door lock was used(never replaced) for

They had two locks according to MK Ultra which could be opened with the same key, however, one lock was made in case of police visit and the other one for regular trespassing even whenever key was inside of the lock.

There will be no German WWII reparations for Poland

When have you heard last time Polish politician mentioned mention again anything about WWII reparations !!???? 

Residents kept cats locked on the side - were using me instead to feed them and for the kittens to get used to those who utterly terrorized them

 Cats disappeared already on several occasions like this. This was repeated procedure with all cats/kittens Americans alone attempted to bring up. Upon my investigation, side door in the rear of the main was left open to remind me of past about what they had going on here(cats were probably lured through here as they always head in this direction, but returned via garage door through broken glass window into area where I am at). During investigation while standing at the side door, my camera on android was jammed and wouldn't start what was used to return cats via garage doors which I have indicated they used as a escape route when chased by dog.

Plate not stolen

I did left one with chicken soup inside of the bushes when cats were terrorized away with dogs and would move toward second pile of trash.

RUSSIAN TSAR WANNABE(HATES EVEN RUSSIAN FLAG): Putin appoints even more fascist #2 Mikhail Degtyarev(also member of fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party) for replacement of Sergei Furgal(governor) position - this man individual went as far as asking for replacement of Russian flag with imperial Russian flag

On 16 July 2016, Degtyarev was introduced to the State Duma a bill on changing colors stripes of the national flag. Instead of the white-blue-red tricolor official status proposed to assign black-yellow-white flag of the Russian Empire. "Under the imperial flag, we scored a brilliant victory, he is able today to unite all the citizens of Russia" — he told the Izvestia newspaper said.[15]

Donald Trump orders US fighter jet to attack Iranian passenger plane above Syria - wants war with Iran at all costs

Nikita Khrushchev's Walt Disney legacy(TRIP) now fulfilled - His own son and grandson got what their father/grandfather came to admire in America

US HORROR IN USA - Son of Nikita Khrushchev executed mafia style on Rhode Island by the US Government just a month ago - grandson of Nikita Khrushchev on the other hand executed in 2007 via what they referred to as a stroke issue at age 47. For both death cause of death was natural/nothing abnormal, however, truth surfaced about Nikita Khrushchev's son gun wound to his forehead thanks to younger widow Valentina Golenko - NOT American police authorities.

A month ago A month ago Major Todd Patalano of the Cranston Police Department claimed on how  there were no immediate signs of outside foul play,” Major Todd Patalano of the Cranston Police Department said. He didn’t elaborate as to whether the death was being treated as an accident or a suicide, simply stating that the investigation was closed.

China should open instead second embassy In Cuba and South Africa(perhaps even Bolivia) - there are too many in US ;-)

If they would fought for justice same as they do against LGBT people, Poland would be a heaven on earth

Instead many ran out of Poland for variety of reasons. Whatever reason made you hate whomever for whatever reason is what tomorrow makes another individual hate you for that same whomever/whatever. It starts with LGBT - it grows into what we have seen time and again in the past.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

I remove status quo from psychologist Daniel Smith

If he will not alone report himself to me personally, I will commence persecution procedure not only against Trump, but also against those who plan on using Trump as shield for escapades and even profitable book publishing as psychologist insisted on.

Photo of another American involved in MK Ultra - these people signed for service in foreign countries(China/Russia etc.) via MK Ultra test subject program in Poland

I was used as a dummy while placing them through creepy obstacles during which everything stated on my news site(not anywhere even near as severe, but it was used) including myself as a subject for them to see what can be done to a drugged up human being was used to prepare them for work in China(became assistant of American manufacturing businesses and even owner representatives at times even owners if they got married to wealthy spouses).

English language is useless even for writing human rights complains

Is a worthless language which I hate to use, but a left without choice other than to use one foremost because of politicians(pro Orwellianists) we have across eastern Europe.

Water supplies stored inside of studio were poisoned during my absence

There is no running water in here and elements were created to depict me as someone using rusty eating equipment - I do not, but rust was also element sipped inside of stored water supplies  next to directed energy attacks. 

Already in Grotnikih(its how whole thing started) roommate would destroy bottom surface of new metal pan(he would create cracks on the bottom and pure cleaning liquid on it so rust exploded). Same thing went all along except at this location grew into unavoidable extreme.

@Pompeo - China will survive United States of America - Its USA that will be finished(destroyed - ruined economically) within two decades

Specially thanks to Orwelian German Trump/ Pompeo's neonazi politics. I remember the same words about Chinese economy in late 90s on how one will never succeed - never become anything they claimed me when in USA. China belt line and so on. Well, it became obvious America has nothing but death to offer to world and America alone. Deep American state has a problem with 3/4 of American population and the same when it comes to so called white Europe. America in fact has a problem with 7.4 billion people worldwide and is as good as dead - a zombie.

My MK Ultra case(silence code) nothing more than German Orwellianism school for parliaments used to crush eastern Europe via political corruption/crime

 Video can be also seen at

Video not suitable for kids/teenagers or those sensitive to offensive language. 

Individual above me who tipped over pool of water to scare cats now threw with viscous force from his balcony a green wall-nuts

I deem for individual to be mentally ill to put it plane. He also insisted during MK Ultra to Americans on being main individual to use directed energy weapons against me when time comes. Cats terrorized and practically not allowed to approach what as a result will end with unsuccessful in respect to adaption as I planned on. I only have 11 days more left here.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Almost how it all started

Even a plate(one of the four personal plates) stolon for feeding cats

at this miserable place. Cat shirt(sign with cats) which I have cut.

Mr Caleb Brown(ex roomate) from Bellingham(Wash, state) being one of the test subjects in Poland ;)

while Nathan Rust and other female roommate were involved in MK Ultra already in Slovenia at early stages(two have nothing to do with Poland do)


I said YES to Nazism(never really did - try life in US and you will see how it goes) for the sake of the money - they said NO to money for the sake of the nazism.

Katar/Saudis and other pledged to invest into Eastern Europe(specially Poland/Ukraine) through me in 2006(perhaps even in 2005) WASTE amounts of money

Our politicians stated NO. They stated it would be yes if someone else, but not because it would go through me the evil neonazi. Kaczynski, however, insisted numerous times on how only whites have the right to invest to Poland. How Poland will not take investments from non white and that Polish German border must become more invisible via social engineering - Kaczynski blames(blamed and blames in his theory to other politicians) WW2 outbreak for huge social differences(facial differences) between Poland(Eastern Europe) and Germany. 

REPUBLICAN NEONAZI LIES: The theory about Bill Gates and Coronavirus and brain implants SIMPLY A LUNACY

was made by Republican party to bully him into cooperation with Donald Trump - nazism that is. Some insane democrats led by traitor democrats buy into one. They attempted the same with China blaming one for Coronavirus(either cooperate with nazism or we will found you guilty of all counts - regula CIA job)

Bill Gates is on your side dummies and HAS TO DO HIS PART from their perceptive to be entitled to anything(he did very little if you ask me personally) - indifferent from many others with money of which some are even blacks(Kanye West for example).

Audio about another individual tortured at this very location - I have

and will be placed online sat/sun....this is the hot stuff that matters. Related to

ROMNEY - TRUMP WILL WIN 2020: There is only one force which can eliminate Donald Trump on time as we speak but you will miss that

Thats me(I - myself) right here, but you don't care. Related to

Hutchinson Poland Sp. o.o. Kurczaki 130

This is where I remember according to my own memory even two Americans from top management whom Trump brought along to Poland and both were chosen according to facial characteristics(would somewhat match Polish - its called social engineering) to somehow soften the pain of ownership transition - takeover.

If you would want to hand out 200/300 billion aid to Poland in cash - they would refuse one and go instead for German credits

Because Polish politicians created big lie out of their lives and for this lie to survive, whatever it takes must go on and not whatever is right for the country/people. They call this disease(sure is worse even than corruption) in America/GB/Germany etc. a coin spinning.

Met another(really awesome people - heroes in my eyes as well) group which gave me proof that locations where I am at was used for torture of also other people

Poland was a real SHORT story. Ran by politicians who are driven by anger and Germans know anger as useful businesses tool.

Trump placed Americans with disabilities(MK Ultra participants) on VA support(retirement)

Regardless of how young they were.
In search for job, words of psychologist Daniel Smith came across me, "make sure you explain you were searching for job in US and in Poland for someone else in US for yourself"(Trump's son out of wedlock Chris from Colorado was the one who took me on his job search when in Poland - always - he worked in almost every and each of these companies and many others as his father wanted him to get totally familiarized with manufacturing process in Lodz - Americans became experts in knowing Poland).

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Obama has spoken to me about this very issue what demonstrates that Trump attempted to set him up with China where we were with Trump - in Wuhan labs that is as I identified properly. Interesting enough Fauci with STRONG KNOWLEDGE of coming Coronavirus seen with Obama on photo became main health advisor of Trump(was involved with Trump since ages and its how one became "trusted" for position), but for all the wrong reasons as Trump deliberately creates problems during service of certain people with idea to have afterwards(if they don't reject his insane public gestures) to either blackmail them into blind suicidal servitude him or idea to simply throw them under the train when necessary - when his ass is under pressure that is. Mr. Fauci didn't want to serve Trump, but also didn't have choice as Trump picked him up via republican party.

MK ULTRA - Also involved in MK Ultra - Slovenian girl Jerneja Jezernik

How she got on the picture through Germany, however, is a good question for me. Seen here is what Ms. Jerneja Jezernik presented me as interest(her passion) already in 2010 I believe. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Idiot was preparing for his "cognitive" test 12 years prior to becoming president - he should have learned answers to his cognitive test withing 12 years period no !!????

Whatever test results were(nobody gives a s***) as this man is so phony as no other human being prior to him. 

Cats returned

from where is unknown. Its a fenced property, and they were nowhere to be found. They ate good and are now off to sleep/play and thats all that matters :))))

Cryptocurrency donations now also possible

Coinbase wallet option...

Freewallet option...

Luno wallet option:

If I were black, I wouldn't either

In a country so racist - in TX where racism is 5 times the national level, I would also say same as black FEDEX driver did unless I would have body cam on me which would protect me enough from customer possibly claiming on how I either pushed him, hurt him in some way when attempting to pick him up from floor at his request.

Kardashians/Kanye West bipolar situation just used via MK Ultra brainwash to gesture me to stay away from

mentioned psychologist as this was supposed to be the case according to the two - Kanye had me on his property and inside of his Russian made vehicles I think each time whenever brought to US. No way will he divorce his wife...she would have to dump him several stones on his head for that matter. The two are happy together as two birds. All good Kanye just express more support for your community please. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I honestly don't know what am I gonna do - its like my family

Can be also seen at
The biggest mistake people make(specially children do) is irresistible desire to hug pet cat(dogs are different) but cats are just as they are. 

MK Ultra - Entire backyard where trees are on this property was designed by my father who was here as early as in 1998

Every tree - everything was planted according to his instructions. I remember him and owner and Americans and Poles creating one. EVERYTHING. Instructed one on how to trim trees, but must say didn't go too well. Fruit yards, farming, and fishing harvestry - father also designed several fisheries in Poland as this was part of hos profession in Yugoslavia(Slovenia).

MK ULTRA: About cats and owner(landlord)

When cats(when first cat had small ones) appeared first possibly in 2003/2004, owner wanted to even kill kittens. Its when he became enemy with mentioned psychologist girl who I understand loved cats(she probably still does lol)

SOLD: Poland to get beautiful credits from Germany - lots lots of money

There is nothing left to Poles, but to celebrate big Polish victory this year - US investments in Poland exceed 63 Billion Dollars already :))))
Well, I am glad it all worked out for Poland just as one planned on too.

Monday, July 20, 2020

I wasn't capable to create second Facebook account under any circumstances

Computer(either laptop or sim cards or even modem - phone 100% is as entire operating system was modified) appears is somehow connected to Facebook 24/7. 

Systematic terror used to get cats away is a repeated from past technique(he knows the law as police told him how to void responsibilities) of this landlord

Its also what Americans complained about. Once cat is incapable to call small ones even to the dish where those could eat, she is left with not choice other than to go.

Ultimate animal cruelty for which I eventually hope will get him seat(along with three neighbors).

Due to terror this morning, mother cat is trying to get to the plate small ones for already over hour - they won't come anywhere near as they are scared as it gets.

I am contacting animal right agencies, police departments, and parliamentarians. Once done, I will call Lodz police for assistance. Too much is too much. 

From what I remember seeing under MK Ultra was a van that would come to pick up cats

This black cat(I wish I could keep one, but financial situation disallows me to)'s ancestry populated entire area in Stara Gora(area where I am at) as far as I can recall. 

They are everywhere and are deemed by locals as native Polish cats from Lodz.

Landlord and his assistants are removing pile of garbage this morning(started at 0900) when he laughingly told me in face that neighbor doesn't want cats

while one of the assistant stated laughingly, "we are not criminals".

Everything at this location went on under close guide of Polish police(makes and made no sense to call them) and cats were used to gesture whatever they wanted to gesture to whomever(to self) because my view as of today on parties involved changed drastically. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Animal cruelty in Lodz, Poland reported - asking for immediate help/assistance

Dear animal rights agency,

My name is Bostjan Avsec and I am native Slovenian with also American citizenship who moved to Poland via application for political asylum. Its where I deemed in 2018 would be a great place to seek refuge due to political persecution I faced in Slovenia.

Poland, however, is an old acquaintance of mine from program known as MK Ultra torture which lasted in Poland for no less than 23 years. Brought from United States already in 1995 and the last time even from Belarus for thorough brainwash/torture purposes which served as a handy tool during unofficial geopolitical economic summits between Eastern Europe and West(this went on from 1995 to mid 2006).

It just happens so that I have documented my case with numerous proofs and one can't be denied. One of the locations in Poland where brought from US was present location I reside at Wiekowa 9 in Lodz(93-441) where brought via denial of the right to rent and even work as pleased. Prior to this location beginning already in 2018, Polish immigration begun to place me on exact locations in which MK Ultra torture was taking place - in no way I possibly could avoid such locations or jobs which caused me great harm health wise(my spine is practically broken and use of directed energy weapons was overwhelming).

I have everything on audio(for everything I have stated).

Will expose whole thing and will go from there.

Neighbor terrorizes unsuspected kittens(tipped over entire pool of water from upstairs) seating on sofas by splashing water on them that exploded all over the place

Video can also be seen at

Will also get landlord on court for causing me financial problems incl. ruin of personal property(trespassing - vandalizing) while here



This isn't gonna end well. Cats will be fed till I consent tomorrow with police and animal rights organisations.

Video can be also seen at

Will also get landlord on court for causing me financial problems incl. ruin of personal property while here


This isn't gonna end well. Cats will be fed till I consent tomorrow with police and animal rights organisations.

Video can be also seen at

Cats viciously attacked in-front of my eyes by landlord - chased for life by dog whom he brought with him and I was told to get lost before the end of the month(also not to feed them and even that I brought them/came here because of my feeding them)

Its okay, but not so okay. Owner told me if calling police for cats he would have to jail, but he forgot the biggest cat he was involved against and what may reserve him life time place inside of the prison - myself(this last may give him 100 life sentences).

Cat family returned😊

😊looks like storm is coming.

Semi automatic/automatic guns should be taken away from public - no one should have the right own any

Special license for small guns and hunting rifles with limited options yes, nothing more than that. 

@Americans - before voting, its law and security that must be assured - then you go and vote what means that Trump must me arrested and trialed.

Then presidential candidates you deem as suitable can used in election process.
As far as right wing being armed its easy. Open military depot and arm public to assist US military in cleanup operation as is THE one and only way to deal with armed terrorists.

American "FREE SPEECH"(something prohibited globally after WWII) has to end with what you see here

This is what the type of the speech have brought to humanity and those who don't remember tend to pay price again. Either this or you the people alone who won war against nazism will be deemed as haters and judged against !!! 

Cats traumatized nowhere to be seen(food waiting in vain for nothing) - one of the shirts stolen last night after placing them to dry and placed back so I could go pick one up in-front of individual upstairs who begun to further insult

I played with cats outside just some 10 meters away from entrance to my studio last this morning at about 0100 am hoped they return, but instead they are completely out of the sight. Will contact animal rights groups as well and not only police on Monday.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cats are traumatized as a result of today's water saga from neigbor

It was yelling in front of cats before,and so I will stop at the police deportment on Monday.

I was born free and am free man

The one who doesn't understand this concept CAN'T understand concept of undermining if abused by MK Ultra because lies used turn one into obeying/compliant bot tend to take complete control over his/her mind.

Further, if I hear child upstairs crying one more time - police may be also summoned

We will do it this way and I am not saying police that I will not report police today's incident either.

Kittens about which individual bragged about not climbing up on his balcony yet - but did in the past when Americans fed them

He watched this story over two decades that lives here for time and again. Not nice to mention individual like myself something that belongs to you(for you to literately abuse animal and violate laws and believe I will bite your guilt bait for caring for abused animals) and take for granted abuse of laws.

About cats at this location

Cats are constantly terrorized whenever they would approach me by neighbors. because those don't want cats to get used to me. They have cameras also on rear of the property and monitor all activities. 

Despite this, momma cat loves nothing more than my taking her in hands(petting her), and kitties eat from my hand. This cats(all prior to this kittens) were always taken care by entire community by simply allowing main female cat to live in a trash on the back of the property next to fence which she would jump over to get food, but not from cat as I first suggested - instead very dangerous dog who have torn apart many cats and kittens in the past when those would reach other side in search for food. Things aren't so bad for the cat do as there were two dogs before...

American Buckingham palace's abuse ended under MK Ultra by using Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus's doppelganger signaling me help(insisting on how I have to mention his name) on what I cite myself have asked one if he would help me

he replied me back with, "no just like Poland, Russia, and all others case will be also with UN - I will only use you to get funds from them thats all"....

The one involved in this issue was also owner of Travalyst company who insisted upon reporting to one right infront of myself(they would do stuff like this and everything else that one can/could imagine to intimidate and exhort with issues on cooperation) on how it would go through their side because no one would want scandal like this to become public.

Andrzej Duda(unless they faked me to under MK Ultra) did told Pahor about Polish fascist agreement he made during his vacations in Italy in 2015 - however, after one was caught with pants down

Truth or not truth - I do not know. Concerns MK Ultra 2015 trip to Poland which ended again in Slovenia from Slovenian side were enormous. What exactly went on - have two sides discussed whole thing or not is, however, questionable. Pahor either way according to information passed down to me had nooooo clue about what went on with Duda in 2015(could have been he learned from it all just upon releasing my news few days ago) till Duda already made agreement according to whoever interpreted his view to me under MK Ultra in 2015.

Several Poles expressed me total dissatisfaction(directly) with election of Andrzej Duda while some took out at stores to even pose me with shirts "guy from here"

I will continue to stay committed to Poland which will stand up for justice - equal for all Pollacks and foremost for us Slavs to see our-self as humans equal as to Westerners inside and outside of our homelands. 

My definition of American state based of personal experience is a regular nazi state which is trying to devour world through violence and lies

Thats all to it. And they are no longer very good at it. They FAILED in this case as much as one can po$$ibly fail.

Prime target of Donald Trump via this very case was United Nations - specific target years ahead of his presidency was Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus(WHO Director-General)

Few young Americans who claimed concerns for me to me(even how they reported me as missing to FBI) rushed forward with lies on why they refused to help me via United Nations and for that matter they used individual from WHO by the name Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus(now WHO Director-General) who became involved and have alone begun to investigate one. 

CRYING FOR NUCLEAR WAR: Yahoo reports for Israel to keep blowing up military targets in Iran, hoping to force a confrontation before Trump could be voted out in November, sources say

There isn't much to ad to article. This is aggressive warmongering and assault on United Nations alone. Israeli actions against Iran are illegal and all done in the shadow TOTALLY FAILED Trump's see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing FASCIST politic which in return hopes for solution via Israel due to growing war situation in region. 

Du jour(specialty) of Putan Putanowich served to the Russia and world - modern photography/science as designed by crew of fascist conglomerates(as they believed world will see one as when looking through their paranoid Orwellian eyes)

Du jour - literally: of the day (as used on restaurant menus of items that change daily)
Russia river had to pay price for idiot who can't even see himself in mirror as a normal human being(is committed to ethnic cleansing of own Russian people with Asian DNA for the sake of colniast German politics inside of the Russia alone) due to his Asian DNA. 

He used incident to signal his side committed to racial war to US as long term commitment and even anticipated for catastrophe to be written via this outlet as they designated me too(they brainwashed me under MK Ultra on main stream media news on how to see one as once stuff as seen here takes place - same with seen bellow - they wanted me to be interpreter for nazi garbage in another words).

GOOD FOR THEM AND WORLD: Its not them "TRYING" its you trying to make them "die trying" - For Christopher Columbus too you can thank Donald Trump - world today sides with black lives matter movement like never before !!! AGAINST SLAVERY AGAINST NAZISM WHICH AMERICAN DEEP STATE IS BREEDING !!!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Chrissy Teigen involved in MK Ultra( participated even in Poland in one) HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EITHER EPSTEIN AND EVEN LESS DONALD TRUMP - it doesn't get better than Chrissy Teigen if you are worried about her because


'Worried for my family': Chrissy Teigen blocks 1M Twitter accounts linking her to Jeffrey Epstein

she heavily objected and to nazism issues and to all other forms of demented Trump who was desperately trying to impose them onto others via corruption issues. I was actually told because of stated above that they will do something to Chrissy Teigen at her home location where she sleeps and that has to do something with installation of some sort of electronic gadget which would interfere with her during sleep - truth or not I have no clue about it. Another individual who participated in MK Ultra and who shocked me during Trump's presidency even that she always was anti fascist is Taylor Swift. Hat down to both ladies.

America on a FIRM track to self extinction - your president inside of the White House laughing his ass to your ignorance - all he needs are another elections/not jail

America Is on Track for a Million Coronavirus Cases a Day, and at Least 800,000 Deaths, by the End of 2020

AND OBITUARIES YOU SEE OF YOUNG PEOPLE DYEING ALL OVER THE PLACE - DO YOU LIKE(faster and faster till no till you lost track of deaths due to amount of dead that is coming) IT !!???? 

Don't say I didn't warn you about it and on time. Your recognition of this case if not too late already, would seal his faith over the night, but you will not act till all will be too enjoy see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing game.

In respect to Duda's trip to Italy, everyone incl. Borut Pahor knew(it was in main stream media news sure) - however, I doubt Pahor knew about whole deal in fact that he knew anything at all about what trip was truly all about

I am not angry(despite all) with Borut Pahor or Milan Kucan(both involved in my case from day 1 - Borut Pahor since either early 1996 or late 1995) or anyone else for that matter that might have even caused me problems as they did so on behalf of others from outside of Slovenia(they both knew whole thing was a lie about me and when things so big happen, its job of politicians to direct lie if incapable to stop one, in direction which would minimize damage of those whom they predesignated to protect - they both did good job in that field as even Slovenian minority felt somewhat safe with continuous Borut Pahor's presence there - he paid many many unofficial visits to Italy where we would meet with Slovenian minority - he had me along drugged up I guess to make things look more positive or whatever). Its also people(not only politicians) who at times need to believe even if its only a lie to go on about it...therefore, from my perspective not worth the effort as I would do more damage than good with my inter-reference into matters that held things together during most critical moments in modern Slovenian history(there is traitors Janez Jansa alike who barely wait to stab Slovenia in the back with lies and what he referrers to as revision - nothing other than attempt to revive nazism in the face of those who managed to survive and win WW2 despite all odds and thanks to whom Slovenia still exists - Janez Jansa is quite frankly waste of oxygen who left behind even those who stood up for independence of Slovenia during JNA aggression on one in year 1991).

Antoni Macierewicz knew everything about Duda and Italian prime minster's meeting(FASCIST COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES) in Tuscany italy

He talked to me upon return from Italy to Warszaw about my coming MK Ultra case, so I feel pity for young Poles inside of the Sejm who are there for nothing other than to learn lie politic from older generations via tragedies just as crash of 2010 was and case of my own.

NOT TRUTH: I heard people claiming that cats don't care about people as much as dogs - are used to only food

Its like this...this mother of four little tiny kittens today when feeding her(two days ago the same without even feeding one) rejected food(irresistible salami imagine that) and somehow without even knowing how it will feel demanded from me to pet her - touch her...

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

ALERT FOR ALL SLAVIC STATES: Polish millionaire didn't only vacation in Italy in 2015 according to initial information I got from Pollacks alone - he was also into real estate purchase and I was brought to his Italian villa by no one other than GERMANS - Duda deliberately chose 2015 vacations in Italy to avoid Slovenia/Croatia because according to him alone didn't trust either of the two- there was more than just vacation trust issues that went on in Italy in 2015

Last is all information he alone told me in 2015. Initial story about his Italian real estate, however, changed on how he has nothing there(I doubt). Brought to him by Germans(Angela Merkel's team - agents) !!???? But he is Pollack no !!???? He is a Polish president after all and as Polish as it gets😆😁 doubt me !!???? I don't think so. I am a more secure data center than any intelligence service out there. His entourage can CONFIRM here stated as 100% legitimate claim.

Donald Trump highly satisfied in respect to Poland and I am too

Not that I would be done arguing with logic - not at all as he insisted as per my leaving Poland. He wanted to absorb all the credit for crime against me in Poland along with Buckingham palace/Berlin and its why crime appealed to Pollacks(f*** that story about Duda/Kaczynski etc. - its Poland that wanted and wants it that way). as they wouldn't be the one seen to blamed for after all no even that crime was done by them in their own country(if only other Slavs wouldn't see this case and all would be good was the name of Polish plot) !!????

Owner who organised plot with cats now using neighbor to blame it all on me

I am the one who is feeding beasts(cats) according to neighbor(dispatched by owner who lost no less than three bets in respect to cats - first that  will ignore cats, second that I would hurt myself due to disc injury by removing two closets from side of the room to other and possibly lifting as instructed by Americans as the first even super heavy sofa bed to accommodate cats inside, third ability to blame it all on me and even challenge me via nimal control issues or cat ownership if you like) because of my most likely being a Muslim and this most likely to make his life tough and its why animal control must be dispatched is what he insisted along second witness whom he brought with him.

French try to stop neofascist Emanuel Macron, but he is safe - well guarded/protected from public pressure watching from distance and organizing more crime/more violence

We have a old fascist team working firmly along one another - Macron, Merkel, Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Polski Andrzej Duda, and Buckingham palace.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Word off course(and its what somehow intercepted more lies from Polish side) is and will be about psychologist Mr. Daniel Smith born in Flagstaff, Arizona who ran whole operation on behalf of Trump and have spent almost 90% of the time next to me whenever brought to Poland after 2000 or so.

He tricked Donald Trump into gamble to post on internet as I explained a tiny bait which either totally resembled or was even taken as a copy of my watch. Prior doing such thing which got my attention on Wikipedia under issue "analog watch", this psychologist did deeper than deep work on me to memorize even text as was written under his Wikipedia profile.

Lucifer entered home - not once...

As soon as he crossed doors entrance into living area and set at the table with owner, he pulled out of his pocket a bag of money which house owner accepted as a down payment...years latter upon completion of  JOB for Lucifer, house owner happily collected second pay from Lucifer...

Most sincere congratulations to re-elected Polish president Andrzej Duda and to his devoted Polish voters

I officially charge Poland as number one cause for everything that happened to me in my life in respect to MK Ultra case torture and this on both sides of ocean. Poland is guilty for everything - Russia and others(as far as eastern Europe - not West which have used me as  a live bait for eastern European politicians and would bring me to Poland for own nazi interests) for nothing.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Mein KapmfdumBDrumpf little Hitler gets support from another prominent politician(WHAHAHAHAHA) - not Polish this time

A neonazi criminal con artist(well known as US Taxpayers' as thief of taxes, con artist scammer who got on ice poorest supporters so he could jiggle dice on Mississippi river by boat etc.)) expressed his devotion one more time for his HEHR in the White House. "Doctor"(also a lie) David Duke gave support to his mentor in the White House once again and that is in fact a great news for politicians who also expressed support for a failed loser, so they won't be seen as isolated totally insane nutcases. Bravo "Doctor" Duke and Donald Trump :)))))