Friday, July 31, 2020

MK - ULTRA: Christopher O'Neill

Was picked up at  St. Gallen, Austria by Angela Merkel's team. Brought to Poland as a test subject volunteer in search of prosperity sometimes in 2003/2004 I estimate. Swedish king Gustaf(Carl XVI Gustaf) was involved in this on every step of the way and eventually gave him his daughter's hand. They now live in Miami and didn't meet in New York as stated on Wikipedia, but instead right here via Poland.

Trump groomed them via my case to become all sorts and walks of life leadars - beside as used as a trade slave, I was used also as a stimulation dummy - as someone on whom was demonstrated what happens with an individual if they get him in wrong hands.

I now better understand how/where did Lodz university grant itself the right to demonstrate me all over one with totally THE same purpose, but what cause outrage on American/Israeli side. Yah :))))

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